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Tracking is going downhill!

Level 4

I believe since version 28 i started to get a tracking error everytime i start the HMD after some time the tracking came back no problem and play, i didnt pay much attention as it worked at the end. On version v29 i started to notice it more and more and now on version 30, i cant play. I just start the HMD and battle the tracking until i gave up and dont play absolutely nothing cuz its impossible. i havent change nothing on my play area, its a big room with 2 bulbs the 1 on top of my head i have it to 20% light and other one which is like 3meters from the other maybe more its at 50% this was the perfect setting for me to play and that worked for months.
Now the HMD is useless, this is very sad i need a way to troublehshoot the tracking.

for example if i tried to start a new guardian, it is imposible to set the floor level once i move my head down boom!! tracking lost and if i manage to reach the ground , tracking lost when i stand up and ground fails to be detected properly and i see lines saying that there are objs where there arent any.


Level 4

This is interesting, after another session of troubleshooting , i found out that i had no internet on the HMD.
So after checking it seems Q2 was connected but no internet. Check router and it was on hang state. Restart router check connectivity and now i was able to play.

Is anyone able to confirm if this is mandatory? do i need internet to have good tracking? i was playing pistolwhip which does not require internet, same happened with FitXR.

Wipes your cameras.  All 4 of them.  Gently with a microfiber cloth. Next time it does it hold the power button down until the restart option and restart.  Check your guardian settings. If you need too clear the history and I have dragged my guardian to LOW So it doesn't harass me all the time.  I draw my line all the way out over my bed and everything.  It says there's objects in the way but you just hit acknowledge and it allows it because I put LOW In settings.  Hope that works 

Level 4

last time i checked happen just a few times, kinda playable not as good as when i got the hmd.

clearing the cameras and the guarding history are great ideas ill given them a try.
About the play area i have 10foot by 20 foot area but i usually stay in a 10foot square as i have the desk in the other 10foot square and i include the desk in my area too 😄 like you did with your bed.
clearing the guarding history and camera lenses are great suggestions ill give them a try.