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Trouble with ATI mini display port and HDMI adapter

Level 5
Tonight I went to a VR meetup and I brought along my DK2 and plugged it into a provided PC. For some reason, I couldn't get the Oculus Rift to work properly. The computer was a windows 10 PC with an ATI Firepro 9100 video card ($3000 on Newegg!!). The card doesn't have any HDMI ports, just six mini display ports.

I installed the 0.8 runtime and was able to get a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, but the oculus service was not recognizing the HMD as being plugged in. The HMD was getting power and was able to display the desktop, but when I opened up the Oculus configuration application, everything was grayed out and it said that the HMD was disconnected and the HDMI port was not working. My best guess is that the thunderbolt to HDMI adapter wasn't good enough for Oculus Rift.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is anyone else using a similar configuration successfully? Is this hardware config unsupported?

Level 2
I actually have the same problem, and I've heard of people being able to run it through the thunderbolt hdmi/minidisplay port but I cant quite figure out how it works either