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Two Problems with Videos

Level 2

Have had my Oculus over 6 weeks.   Had been fine until about 4-5 days ago.  Now experiencing two problems that might be related.  I enjoy Games, which all seem to work fine.  But also love watching Videos.   However having some issues there.   1) I SAVED a number of 360 videos I had seen.   Did this right in the Oculus, when you hit the trigger during a video play, that Left side menu comes up and at the top is an option to SAVE the video.    Later, when out of the video with the main screen in front of you, the left side says EXPLORE and there are 5 options listed below it.  The bottom one is SAVED.   When I click on that option, the strangest thing happens:  I can see all my Saved videos for about 2 to 3 seconds.  Then they go away and are replaced by large pictures of the games that are on my Wishlist.  The screen will have the usual WELCOME, RIK at the top, then below say BROWSE YOUR SAVED MEDIA, APPS and MORE.  But below that in large letters is WISH LISTED APPS.   That is fine, but that is ALL I can access.   Underneath it says 'SEE MORE' but no matter what I do, there is NOTHING more to see!  I can't get to my Saved Videos.  It only shows the 5 W/L games.   If I click on the left side ENTERTAINMENT, it brings up Videos I can watch.   When I click back on SAVED again, I can see my videos for 2 or 3 seconds again, but then they are replaced by WishListed Apps with NO way to look at any other media or saved vids.    Very frustrating.   2) But the worst part is, now I am having problems getting videos to play at all.   If I quickly click on a Saved Video (in that 3 second window), it will start to open for like One Second.  Then everything goes black, I get three horizontal white dots (like the busy signal), that do not go away, even after 10 minutes of waiting!    If I go to Entertainment (3rd choice on the Left) and try to watch a NEW video, it likewise will not show!!   Same situation, it starts for like 1 second, but then everything goes black.   Finally, the weirdest part:  in the midst of the blackness, if I click the trigger you get the skinny left menu with EXIT TO BROWSE and the skinny right menu with more video options.    If I click a video from THAT right menu, that video WILL play!    This seems amazing.   I have tried day after day this week, and each time the exact same situation.    I so hope that with this detailed account, someone will know what to do.   The entire unit otherwise seems fine but videos are important to me.   I have done nothing to the unit except one thing:  Last Weekend I requested a REFUND on SkyBox VR.   After 1 week of owning it, I could not get any files transferred and was frustrated that I could not find a Manual.  It seems a longshot but when Oculus removed SkyBox could that have somehow messed up my videos, even though I never really did anything with SkyBox?     Any suggestions greatly appreciated.