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Two headsets, do I need to busy the game again?

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Bought my son the Oculus 2... liked it so much I got myself one.  How can I get the games I already paid for on mine?


Level 2

No. You do not need to buy the games again I recently switched from the quest 1 to the Quest 2 and you just have to go pair new headset in the settings page on the Oculus app and then login with the email or Facebook account that you used on your old one with the other handset and once you finally get onto the Quest 2 or any headset we are games should be there for you to download for free again.

I tried logging in on the new one with my sons account and it wouldn’t let me.  He’s on through FB.  I logged out of mine and into his FB on my phone and every time I tried to like the new oculus to his fb... even while logged into his... it would only show my FB.

Level 11

depends on the game, and depends how your accounts are set up.

A game that doesn't have app sharing you have to buy the game twice.


If 2 distinct accounts and you haven't enable sharing, then you will need to buy games twice.

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Volunteer Moderator

To get full access on the second Quest 2, you'd need to reset it and set it up with your son's account. If both are set to the same account, you share all games (but multiplayer can be tricky, many don't like more than one person on an account in the one game at a time).


Or there's the new app sharing thing, where your son would need to add your account as a sharing user, then you'll get access to most stuff (games were able to opt out of sharing). I've never tried it though, I only have one facebook account for Oculus so can't test.

To enable it, your son needs to put on his headset and do the following:

Then probably some more steps to add you, but that's further than I've gone so far.



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