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USB connection issues, controller tracking issues, and now crashing

Level 4

I bought my Rift S in Sept of 2020. It worked perfectly until update Ver 25 or so. I started getting USB cable not connected messages. Then I started having controller tracking issues. Now I am crashing every few minutes. I have an RMA headset, so I know it's not my hardware or cable. There are numerous posts all over the forums regarding these issues and it's pretty obvious that the issue is with the Rift S firmware. Since its been months with no fix for this issue, and they announced the end of support for Rift S, I doubt there will be a fix soon, if ever. I guess I bought a 6mo old paperweight for $400 since I have seen zero signs Oculus is doing anything about this, considering Ver 28 has all the same issues.

Ryzen 7 1800X, Auros X470 Gaming Ultra, Power Color RX 580, 4200Mhz Corsair Hynix 32g, 500g Samsung 970 EVO (OS Drive), 1TB Silicon Power Gen 4 (Game Drive), Custom Water Loop