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Unable to add any payment methods onto my account

Level 3

So I recently made a post about this not to long ago, but long story short for some reason I'm unable to make purchases from the Oculus store. I've gone through practically every troubleshooting option to figure the issues. I've tried paypal, I've tried 3 different VISA cards, I've tried different web browsers (Google chrome, Edge, and FireFox), I've tried the Oculus app on mobile and of course PC. All of these along with attempting to add the different payment methods to each has resulted in nothing resolving it. Its been going on like this for weeks. Basically if I try to add my card using any combination of these methods I get an error that redirects me to with a message that says " Something went wrong and we were unable to add this payment method. Please try again." If I try doing this on the site on the different browser same result, and attempting to add a CC results in the form not even recognizing that I'm trying to submit my info .

This problem essential blocks me from purchasing anything from the store in general as I'm not even able to get a payment method onto my account. I'm also 100% certain there's nothing wrong with my cards as I use them everyday with no problems. I'm wondering if anyone else has ran into this issue? I'll post a video to attempt to show in better detail about what is going on with my account as describing in text might not get my point across correctly to some people reading. I'd like to be able to make purchases again. Otherwise, I guess I'll likely have to take my business else where.


Level 2
i too have this issue