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Unable to add payment method.

Level 3
I have tried two different cards on the website, Desktop App, Phone App and Headset itself. Used Edge,Chrome and Firefox also have tried with mobile data Versus internent no such luck. Everywhere but the phone app i get the message Error There was an error trying to add your payment method / Please Check your card info. 

On the phone app one card tells me Please Review your card info and try again or Contact your bank for Assistence. The other card says Sorry Your payment failed please update or change your payment method. One card i have added on facebook already the other Facebook refuses to add so i know at least one should work.

Level 3

I told Oculus Support about this. I expect them to continue to tell people that there is a problem with their cards.

Yup nothing. I haven’t had any luck adding a payment option but I don’t have developer mode on I just bought my headset about 4 days ago and I haven’t been able to add any payment option. The support staff doesn’t seem to be able to help in any way. 

**bleep** off

F. U. C. K off