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Unable to add payment

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I am not abke to add a payment or PayPal acct to purchase games or ad ins on my son oculus I can gift him games but he can not buy add on tbis is so frustrating this is an issue that has gone over 7 months now in july I was told they will look deeper into the issue and have not heard anything since. I emailed support again a week ago and nothing why is this issue not fixed???? I own the quest 2 and have no issues


Yea the problem was already happening before I bought mine I don’t know how they choose who’s to fix because I know some people who are still waiting this problems been going on for about 4 years now. I just kept bugging them everyday I didn’t want to return it I wanted it to work. 

How did you bug them? They will not respond to me through email. The last email i received from them was 51 days ago, despite me emailing them every day. The chat also refuses to give me an update on my issue (ticket #3252129)

Within 1 business day Oculus has fixed my issue!  I was able to setup my payment method.  

How? It has been 55 days for me and they still haven't fixed my issue. What should I do to get the same outcome you got?

I went to the live chat with them every day and showed al of my saved ticket numbers every time I had it all copied and pasted so I could just send it to them over the chat. You have to go to the live chat support not the robot one but they all kinda say the same thing 

Glad yours got fixed so quickly they took a while for mine and others are still waiting for a respond 

I saved the ticket numbers and the names connected to them. Also have screen shots of the problem your having and be ready to send them your account name and profile stuff. Just make sure you’re talking to the actual people over chat not the robot one sometimes it’s hard to navigate to that page 

Just wanted you all to know Oculus was able to fix my issue and I have been able to add a payment method.

They actually got back to me pretty quickly.  An "AmanS (Oculus Support)" was the one who took my ticket and resolved this issue in 1 business day.  Thanks AmanS!