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Unable to load friends/parties in rift or go

Level 5

Posted this on reddit but maybe someone here has seen this problem:

I'm currently working with support but it doesn't seem obvious as to
what the problem is. I get the errors aboe in my rift and go when I try load
friends/parties. I tried using my cellphone as a hotspot and using that
connection with my go as we suspected that perhaps something with my
local network was blocking it but it still failed.

I'm assuming it is something specific to my account but I'm not sure.
Maybe some weird unicode character that some friend's name is using
that is causing the loading error? I'm out of ideas. The last thing I
could think of was to unfriend everybody and start from scratch.

So at the moment social is completely broken. When I get invited to a
party or something it just goes to those error screens as well ๐Ÿ˜•


Level 2
Right, so I've also been having the issue. It's not loading in my phone. It's not loading in my headset. i can see suggestions and requests, but not my actual friends. It's been going since last october, and I've pretty much been just dealing with it since. As the months go by and my patience deminishes, I'm continually getting more and more frustrated. I'm using a Quest 2 and iPhone 11. Neither will work. While this forum is unfortunately mislabeled, the problem and topic at hand remains the same.