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Unable to load profile

Level 2

Went on to play my oculus quest 2 and I am unable to load my profile or play any games. All the games and apps have disappeared and with the profile it just states, “unable to load, try again later.” And nothing has happened. Any solutions would be helpful and how long will it last?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We are here to help you get your games back as quickly as we can. We have some steps for you to try:
1.) Open the Oculus phone app.
2.) Go to Settings.
3.) Make sure your Quest 2 is powered on, then select it from the list of devices.
4.) Once connected, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then reboot the headset.


If you need help past these steps, we'll be more than happy to provide it. PM us or click HERE to submit a support ticket. Thanks!

Level 2

Had the same problem since yesterday, the solution provided for some reason worked like a charm. Thank you so much


I have the same problem, but i cant try this because whenever i open the oculus phone app it crashes immideatly because its logged on to the same facebook account

Oh no! We definitely recommend that you also connect with us here, and we'll get to work on getting this resolved with you.