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Unable to read smaller text yet the "lower Res" PSVR is sharp and easy to read? Is my unit faulty?

Level 3
(16gb, GTX 1060, intel i7)

I love the Rift and own the CV1 (1 week old) but I can never read any text on it. I've taken these pictures in the "sweet Spot". Looks worse in these pictures but generally, I can't make out the name of that racing game but I can read big text...just nothing smaller than "BIG". 

Games are fine (apart from Project cars...just so low res?) Eagle Flight is amazing etc but games that ask you to look and read pages or text or anything small with detail is useless. I have 20/20.

Played the Playstation VR last night and the text is vibrant and bright and sharp in there. You can even watch films in that but there's no way I would sit through a low-res film in Oculus. Games on PSVR are lower resolution in the distance however.

So is my Oculus standard? Everything "seems" fine with the unit but the low res text is an issue.0tnhlx9fc7r1.jpgukqda7uv1f1o.jpg

Level 5
I dunno man, I can read small text fine though, is it just you or do other people see it as well? Maybe the ipd is wrong

Level 4
I can read every text whitout problems so far and those pictures are very bad quality, looks like much lower resolution than when I use my Rift . What games/apps have you tried and what is the text you weren't able to read?

Level 5
It's almost Invisible

Level 13
I can read text on my Rift.  Mine doesn't look like your screenshots, but I have no idea if taking an external picture of tiny monitors inside an HMD headset are going to be an accurate way to represent what you are actually seeing.  Based on the blurry photos provided, mine doesn't look the same at all.

Level 2
Thats what mine looks like as well wonder if we have an issue with them. I figured it was just the pixel density. If i stare at text I can see the screen door effect which makes it hard to read smaller stuff. I can normally read what is going on in games though just a little hard. I have had good days and bad days with mine though. Sometimes i just have to get it set just right

Level 9
Put the headset on correctly. I doubt a camera can accurately show how the image is clear vs blurry depending on the angle the lenses  are viewed at. Without proper adjustment, you have blur, lots of it. Fitted properly, it shouldn't be like the screen shots. If you do all you can do and it looks like that...itt mus tbe faulty.

Level 5
Maybe it is because of your IPD!?
IPD only goes as high as 70, which is just ok for me. If your IPD is any higher it might result in lesser image quality.

Level 4
This might sound silly but have you taken off the plastic cover that covers the lens's 

Level 13
I just played Blaze Rush last night and the text is perfect in that for me.  I think you have to adjust the straps to get the right fit and make sure the back is pulled down where it is supposed to be on the base of your skull if you are having problems reading the text.