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Unable to start "Oculus VR Library Service" normal?

Level 2
Hi All!

Got my Oculus Rift CV1 since last week. 
Today I recognized, that the "Oculus VR Library Service" is not running and the startup type is set to manual.
When trying to start the service, it stops immediately with the error message "Es sind keine weiteren Dateien vorhanden" => "There are no additional Files" in the Event Viewer.

I searched the forums and only found threads with people having problems with the Oculus in combination with the services.
From my point of view, my Rift seems to work correctly so my question actually is if this is an expected behaviour of this service itself?
Does the service only run if the software is updating or is it expected to run all the time?
If yes, why is it not set up as startup type automatically and why is it using a different user (NT SERVICE\OVRLibraryService)?

Access to some technical documentation would be really helpful for troubleshooting but currently the Oculus Support Center and the forums seems to be the only resource.

Finally some Infos about the OS and relevant Driver versions:
Windows 10 64-bit (1607 - 14393.321)
GTX 1070 Driver 373.06
Oculus App Version


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My friend. Do you found solution? Dont wait for oculus support they blame we for the problems