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Unusual problem with oculus link connection

Level 2
I am using the party link cable which is 3meters plus a 5meter cable creations active usb extension. I have played without the adapter flawlessly, but I decided to setup a pulley system so I needed the adapter. I plugged the adapter in the same 3.0 port on the back of my PC. I finished setting everything up and on the devices tab, I see the green circle saying everything is good, but after about 30 seconds, the green circle on the devices tab goes away saying that my quest isn’t found. Within 5 seconds the green circle will come back. The weird thing is I am getting the windows sound that you hear when a usb device is disconnected and the same reconnection sound when it reconnects, but the charging light on the quest stays on throughout the whole disconnection. All of this happens without me touching the cable at all. Any fix?