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Update 25 breaks 360 photos

Level 3
Hi all,

I've been using my Quest 2 (Oculus TV App) to view 360 sphere photos taken on my DJI Mini 2 and it's been working flawlessly. I take the photo on my drone, upload them to Google Photos and then download them into my media using the headset. I can then open them under My Media' on Oculus TV and they display as a 360 picture.

This morning I got the prompt that update was being installed, the update ran and after a couple of minutes I opened Oculus TV only to find that all of my 360 photos now have this really annoying black 'seam/stitch' line where it looks like the two ends of the picture meet. The line is always directly behind me when I put on the headset, runs from the top of the picture down to the bottom and the image is now blurry at both ends of the line. It's almost as if the pictures are now being handled as panoramic pictures that are being rotated into a cylindrical shape rather than being displayed as a sphere like they should. This ruins the pictures immersive style and the blur at the bottom doesn't look great either.

I've tried several things to resolve this like replacing the photos, adding new ones, resetting the headset & clearing the cache ect but I still get the really annoying stitch line on all of the immersive 360 photos.

Has anyone else experienced this since update 25 and if so, how do you resolve?



Level 2

I have the same problem with my quest 2. It is very annoying. I hope they will fix it soon. 

Level 2

I have the same problem. Anyone have work arounds? 

Level 3

I found a solution for this one in the end guys. If you install the DeoVR video player for free it handles 360 images properly without the seam! I don't think Oculus have any intention of fixing this one and DeoVR is great.

nice man!!! i hace this issue as well I its driving me crazy! i want to throw away the device 😞

Thanks.  I tried DeoVR before but could not see any image. Mine were all PNG. But JPG shows fine. 

Level 2

same here on Quest 2 as of yesterday. Oculus incredibly slow to fix this, which should be an easy fix 😕