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Upgrades to the Quest Series or a new Series

Level 2

Hi There! 
I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Blake Pennington.
Recently having encountered a problem with the Quest 2 Having such help from a lovely person named Neil. 
4431113. Reference number if anyone wants to view it. 
I encountered a few problems which were sorted I wanted to see a few questions answered. 
Using the Quest 2 I wanted to know if such would be upgraded in the future. 
Having now M.3 Reached one terabyte. 
better Processers have been released. 
Swapping out the Graphics card with something like the Ventus X2 12 Gb
Simple things like these would make this Heavily more expensive but would boost the frame rate, Processing power and speeds of which games could run as well as your glass refresh rate, Why haven't such been implemented into such devices. 
my main guess is it would be cost-effective to try and get all these parts but if say such was built. 
The games, Experience and graphics could all be heavily improved so then Triple-A Games could be able to be built and run on these machines.
But the problem would be effectively improving the battery life but Such can be changed when using a Lithium Iron battery or one that could store more power. Phones are always improving their battery life so why not the quest or any of your VR series. 

I Would love to talk About this more in-depth if required, Please go over this and get back to me. 
Sincerely - Blake