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VR room

Level 2

Hi guys, i want to start vr room business and want to know if it's possible to connect 4 Oculus devices with KAT VR mini S treadmills to one oculus account? Or i should have 4 accounts and buy games 4 times to every device? Also with SteamVR the same question, if it's possible to run games on 4 devices at the same time from one account. 

Thank you for your patience 


Level 13

Honestly if your going  get the treadmill, go index or vive.  The integration of quest 2 and the treadmill require an actual gaming pc so your not going to be saving as much money.


Steam is the only thing that supports the treadmill.  Also the quest 2 while can be good for vr, is very limited in the commercial sector.