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VRCover USB C won't detect Q2

Level 4

Hi all. Recently I've bought VRCover USB C 5m cable, and I'm getting trouble connecting my Q2 to PC.

Cable is OK, it detects everything I connect, it works on my laptop just fine, but it won't on my brand new PC. 

I've disabled Airlink, turned off Thunderbolt support in BIOS, but it just won't connect. 

Reinstalled Windows 10, have all drivers installed. Managed to connect once, measured 2.8Gbs, and it lasted until I disconnected USB from MoBo. After that am I unable to connect anymore .

My PC specs are Asus Z690 Prime MoBo, 12600K, 32GB RAM, RTX 3070. Mobo have 3.2 gen2x2 USB C port.












Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello jucca_vtr. Thank you for contacting us.  We understand that we're having a difficult time connecting your Quest 2 to your PC. We appreciate your troubleshooting attempts. Please submit a support ticket with your log files so that we can take a further look at your software. We hope to hear from you soon!

Have submitted via WhatsApp 

Thank you for keeping us updated. We can see that one of our agents is working diligently on your ticket.  

Thanks. Hope for quick solution, as it just arrived from service, it was there for a month. It's almost two months I bought it, still haven't played on it. Sadly.

We're sadden to hear this. Welcome to the Meta Quest family! Please reach out if you need anything. We're always happy to help!