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Very slow download speed

Level 2

I recently bought a Quest 2 and I geht very slow connection to oculus servers in general. It does not matter wether I am using the Windows software or the store on the Quest 2 itself. Browsing the store is a chore, preview videos don't play, download speed is only ~100kb/s. It really is no fun at all and a very bad user experience in general! It is really putting me off from buying stuff on the store. I am now using sidequest mostly, since I don't experience the same problems there.


I am on 100Mb/s VDSL internet connection and located in Germany.


Level 3

I have the same problem in the US.  100kb/s or less download speed, over 500MB/s using a browser speed test.

Level 2

Hey guys, 


I just posted this under a different support also: I was having the same issues for weeks and now stumbled upon a really good workaround (at least for me). Located in Vietnam I just used my VPN to get an IP from Hongkong and now am downloading 5-10 times faster than before.


Hope it works for you guys as well!