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Very strange color issues (chromatic aberration?)

Level 4
I first thought this was a chromatic aberration issues, and it might still be, but the funny thing is that in extended mode there is no problem at all. It's only visible in direct access mode. And this makes me think there is something else wrong.

I took some images directly through the lens. The first one is direct access mode, and the second is extended mode. It's from the demo scene, but I have the same problem in Titans of Space.

Do anybody else have this problem in direct access mode only? And why would it be in this mode only while the other is perfect?


Level 2
Hey! I had this problem as well, i updated my intel drivers and its ok now! 😄

Level 2
"QLayer" wrote:

i updated my intel drivers and its ok now!

which Intel chipset?
which driver?
direct or extended mode?

Level 2
had exactly the same issue. updating the graphics driver resolved it.

intel hd 4600

Level 2
I have this too. Sadly updating the Intel driver doesn't seem to he an option as I have an HP laptop with switchable graphics (Intel 4000 and nvidia 650) so the intel driver won't install, it seems I have to use an HP driver (or allegedly bad things can happen). Sadly the most recent HP driver is from 2012. I'm going to ask HP support if a newer one might be possible but I don't have high hopes.

Level 2
Okay everyone that has this problem, So yes You used to be able to bypass the color problem by duplicating displays in extend mode, and is a problem with the laptops so you may have read, But now that Oculus runtime in version 7.0.0 complacently removes the ability to use extend mode. And i am working very hard on trying to work on a fix or find a fix. I am wondering if any one has older versions of runtime below 7.0.0 and still alows you to duplicate the displays if you do can I please get a copy of that. Also a few specs of what i running on are,

Computer: Acer Aspire V5
Processor: Intel i5 1.70Ghz
Windows: 8 64bit
Oculus: DK2
Oculus Firmware: 2.12
Graphics card:

If anyone has any way to fix this Please help Because im running out of options, I really hope Oculus Fixies this problem or else im going to to be out 400$.

Level 2
"LiamJones87" wrote:
yes only in direct mode only

Your Forced To use direct mode now in run time version 7.0.0

Level 2
if you read around it's pretty clear laptop graphics are not / will not be properly supported.... least of all a mid-range acer aspire. unless this is an issue on desktop graphics as well it's unlikely it will be given any attention.

that said, I think I might be getting this issue as well on my desktop... I haven't got my DK2 working yet on my desktop due to windows 10 but the oculus preview window is showing separated RGB like in the screenshot the OP of this thread posted. I thought it was a fancy effect but it doesn't make much sense

you can still put the rift in extended mode by stopping the Oculus service (type 'services.msc' into Run) and then opening a command prompt or using Win Key + R and typing "c:\program files (x86)\Oculus\Tools\DirectDisplayConfig.exe off"