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Video recording stops when 4GB reached

Level 2

When using the screen capture feature on my Oculus Quest 2 (v 28), it seems it stops recording when the video file reaches 4GB in size. The red dot simply dissapears and the recording is downloadable, but unreadable (probably bcs the recording wasn't even ended properly). Since I would like to record decent quality and longer gameplay, this is kind of a issue for me. Any idea where the problem might be? The filesystem should be able to handle much bigger files afaik.


Level 2

Yup, there's a reason for it. Android 10, which is the OS the Quest 2-software is running on, has a cap of 4GB per video. I'm pretty sure it's called "FAT32" or something, which is the file system with the 4GB limit. It really is a bummer considering that the Quest 2 can handle recording in higher framerates and bitrates, it's just that one FAT32-cap that's preventing it from being possible. Don't quote me on this though, I'm not 100% certain, but Android 10 definitely has some kind of limit at 4GB.


There are workarounds though, phones running Android 10 can still record larger files by recording 4GB snippets and stitching them together seamlessly, although Oculus sadly hasn't done that, mabye because of the Quest 2's limitations?


But yeah, it really is quite frustrating, but I guess we'll have to live with it for now... 😕