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Warranty Troubles

Level 3

Does anyone know how to light a fire under repair butt? I sent in a pair of controllers to be repaired. 10days after they received them I have only gotten 1 back. When ever I try to get an update I am just told it is with Logistics and no one can tell me where they are or why I can’t get an update. I have asked to speak to a supervisor to be told they don’t talk to customers. I asked to speak to the direct department again to be told there is no way to talk to them. I’m at my wits end and don’t know how to get my controller back!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, we want to first state are stance in this situation. We are truly sorry for this delay, we're aware of how long you have waited, which is not okay. Your patience and understanding has been truly warming. We were able to pull your ticket and order and noticed that this case has been moved up to our specialist team. They have been able to look into your ticket as of today and want you to know we are on top of this case. Please, feel free to private message if you have any further questions or concerns, and we will help you with no hesitation. Best wishes! 

By any chance did you only get the right controller back? There seems to be a lot of people waiting for left controllers so I wonder if Meta ran out of them.

Level 6

I will PM you.