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Warranty in the UK

Level 2

My Rift S headband will no longer hold it's position.

Impossible to contact anyone about warranty. Does anyone have a contact thread for the UK please for warranty claims?

Their support page will not give any contact details!!

But looking at other peoples experinces it looks like a lost cause. Oculus you don't deserve customers!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Shifty_pete! We'd love to look into the options available for you! We are not able to look into your warranty options here on the community forums, however, we would love to point you in the right direction to the team that does look into warranty situations! We ask that you submit a support ticket through the link here:! When you click on the link, please click on "Meta Quest", then click on Headset and Accessory's. From there, scroll down and click Oculus Rift and Rift S, then scroll down to the very bottom and click the button "Get Support". There you will be able to submit a support ticket to get into contact with the correct team. Please mention what device you're using, and the issue you're facing in as much detail as possible to speed the process up! We're looking forward to hearing from you via support ticket, lets make this right!