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What is the best way to manage 30 Quest2's and their account?

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Hello all, our center bought 30 Quest2. Groups of students will use them for education purpose.
To begin the VR experience, we notice Quest2 must require a real Facebook account. So here are our questions:

1. What is the best and fastest way in our situation for manage facebook & Oculus account with 30 headset? 

2. Any example on how's other school handle headset's accounts like in our case? 

3. Do we need 30 Facebook account or only 1 Facebook account? which one is better?

4. Staff are slightly not allow to link our real personal FB account to the headset, which mean we are going to sign up a new account. However, it require mobile phone and personal information, which is fine but I am not sure if this is the best way is our case.

Hope I will get an answer. Thank you all for reading.

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I wonder if you can somehow use Workplace for Facebook for it, see

If not it would be something good to mention to Facebook. Give them some ideas they might like if they are smart enough to think about it.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

You definitely don't want staff using their personal Facebook accounts. The Quest 2's browser auto logs in to Facebook without needing a password (since you are already logged in to Facebook to use the headset) and you can't stop it (as far as I've tested), so the students would have full access to the staff member's Facebook page and Messenger.


The best solution is to get the Business edition of the Quest 2. It has no Facebook account requirement and is intended for multiple units to be managed together. Sadly it costs $799 each, double the price of the normal Quest 2, and has a yearly subscription fee too.


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