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Where do I file a legal complaint?!?!?!

Level 2

I have had numerous account issues which took WEEKS to be resolved (my headset was logged out and I couldn’t log back in) and then the headset proceeded to give me a seizure, traumatising my family and resulting in injuries to my body from where I fell. An ambulance had to take me to the hospital where I subsequently had brain scans etc. I do not have epilepsy and have never had a seizure or any brain-issues before. I am 18 years old and have only had this product (the Meta Quest 2) for 3 months. Surely I am entitled to at the VERY LEAST my money back. Could someone help me as to where I can file a legal complaint? 
Many Thanks

Tom Wyeth


Community Manager
Community Manager

@tom.wyeth Here at Meta Quest, we take health and safety seriously. For us to assist best, please click here to contact us and get in touch with an agent:

Level 5

So sorry this happened to you!


Firstly, just know that cases like this are rare, Virtual Reality is still pretty new technology and isn't for everyone. Many people get motion sick, feel dizzy, nauseous etc. simply by being in VR for only a few minutes. It's something that I found after using VR for almost 5 years now it's something you have to train your brain into learning isn't bad.


That being said, you're well within your rights to file a legal complaint. Firstly, if you just recently bought your Oculus Quest 2, then you should be able to just return it to the place of purchase. If not, you can open a support ticket and ask for a refund, you can do that here: You can also request a complaint form, or to speak to a Supervisor. Not sure if that'll work, but might as well try.


That should at least hopefully get a refund on the headset. If you can't return it and oculus support will not refund your money, you should file a court case. A full on lawsuit is an option, but is both expensive, time consuming and honestly not realistic for most. Your best option is through a Small Claim's Court. I assume you're in the USA, in which case I'd contact a Lawyer and ask for further instructions.


This isn't legal advice and shouldn't be taken as such. Hopefully it helps!