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Where do I find the 5digit Code in my Oculus Quest, once it is set up

Level 2
Hey there, I do hope that somebody can help me out: I want to connect a second Oculus Quest to the Oculus App on my iPhone. Therefore the App is asking for a 5 digit code to connect the device. BUT: This second Oculus is already set up and running and I can not find the 5 digit code. All videos / information I could find online where concentrating on the fact where you find the code when you set the Oculus Quest 1st time up but not on once everything is installed and you want to connect it differently. 
Thank you for your help! 

Level 2

I am currently experiencing this exact issue!!

Level 2

Same any solutions?

Level 9

You might have to do a factory reset so you can do that first time setup all over again. Is this for a second account, changing what account the headset is linked to?

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