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White light All green check marks- Black Screen

Level 2
Hello I am a new widow trying to get this device set up for my son and Oculus prof don't seem to help  much.  I ended up buying the Rift S just for the Blades of something?  Laptop would not work, so had to get a Gaming CPU (one that was suggested on oculus site so I know it is a good one).  I got all the way to put the headset on and now the screen is black.  The light inside is white but I cannot get any further.  My son asks for nothing and I just need help to get this thing to work without someone copying and pasting (oculus prof) a bunch of steps I don't understand.   Can someone help me on what maybe the issue?  Brand new computer which should not give me an issue with all the necessary things to work this Rift.   Thanks in advance. 

Level 3
I'm terribly sorry that you have to go through all this mess, just please know that it's most likely not your fault or doing anything wrong.

There has been a influx of users (me included) having the exact same issue over the past couple of weeks, Oculus refuses to acknowledge the problem and offers basic troubleshooting which has not help the majority of us. 

To be honest, if I were you I would use the return window from the retailer you bought it from and just return it while you can... that is, if all basic troubleshooting fails. 

I'm really sorry that something that should be dead simple to use has become so complicated. If your son really wants a VR headset right now, I would suggest you get him an Oculus Quest, which does not need a PC and costs the same as the Rift S. It also has the ability to play the PC games through the link cable.