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Why are the live NBA VR games not available on Oculus Rift?

Level 8
It seems really odd to me that I have the premium VR headset, but I can't watch the NBA games in VR because they only work on a mobile VR headset. Where is the deficiency here? Is it somehow in the capabilities of the hardware? Difficulty in porting content built from the GearVR SDK to the Rift SDK? Did Magic Leap somehow get an exclusive for all premium VR and AR NBA feeds, though it isn't a VR device? Is this somehow Oculus trying to incentivize Rift owners to buy Oculus Go once it's available ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

I guess there are lots of 180 degree and 360 degree video apps only available on GearVR, so that points to a development issue. I haven't tried developing a video app myself, and I know Carmack has been really going to town optimizing GearVR's video playback capabilities, so maybe it really is an issue with the SDK.