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Why can't I redeem a referral?

Level 2

My friend from a Facebook Forum suggested that I take advantage of some of the Holiday offers and get an Oculus Quest 2.  So I did.  I set it up this morning and tried to redeem her referral code and was told "This Facebook Account has already set up a device".  Nowhere was I informed that I could not use a referral after I set up my account.  It's confusing.  And when I use the automated help responses it stops when I select "Redeem Referral".  Help me, please.  


Link I was using is . . . .


Level 2

Wish this question would get answered.  I have the same issue.

Level 2

I too have the same question.

Level 2

The only way to get your credits is if the person you referred buys the system online. the credits will not work if you buy the system in a store unfortunately. 

Level 2

My following referral link is not working either, the new device suppose to be in referees fb friend list before clicking the link?

Link : 

That is not what it says or I don't understand