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Why haven't Oculus provide my refund when they've stated they will in writing? Months go by....

Level 2

Hi all

On 29 September 2021 I notified Oculus via email of a faulty Elite Head Strap for our Oculus Quest 2. As well documented elsewhere, the item after only being used a handful of times (by adults) snapped. Oculus were informed by email and we undertook all the necessary processes to return the item. After providing receipts, ID numbers and generally jumping through hoops, the item was returned and Oculus eventually acknowledged receipt of the returned item and sent us an email on 21 October 2021 stating a full refund would occur within 5-7 business days. No refund was forthcoming and we have followed up a number of times via email with no response.


We have also spoken with our bank who have stated there is no refund pending. We hold the full email trail of this debacle.


On 13 November 2021 we went online and utilising the online chat we again explained the situation providing the whole email trail. The assistant stated at the end of our conversation:

"As much as I would like to process your request immediately, please bear with me as it seems that we really do need to review this more so that we may exactly know what happened with your refund and why it has taken this long. We humbly ask for your kind understanding through this and rest assured that we will not stop assisting you as we will contact you again.
(01:17:22 AM) : We want to give our customers nothing but the best when it comes to helping them so please allow us look into this more for it will require more time to look for all possible and feasible options available for you.
Thank you for your extended patience and understanding, we will do our best to get back to you with more information or an update in the next 3 to 5 business days."

Five business days have gone by....still no response, still no refund. This an absolutely awful and disappointing customer experience.

Has anyone had a similar experience and/or how can we receive our refund when Oculus have stated they will refund but have not?


Level 4

I can relate to exactly what you are going through.  I have been fighting them for 6 weeks now to replace my brand new Quest 2.  What you have there are the scripted apologies they use all day, very day.  I know every one of them now because I go through this every day asking when I will be getting my replacement.  I even thought I could ask for a refund instead of a replacement and then buy a new one because that would be quicker but the support at Oculus are the worst support I have ever come across.


I feel sorry for you because you are going through what I have been through for the past 6 weeks and I still don't have a result.