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Will there ever be oculus quest 2 link compatibility for the AMD 300 series of GPU's?

Level 2

I was incredibly excited to purchase the Oculus Quest 2 and love the technology behind it, and even went as far as pre purchasing a ton of VR games on my PC. Sadly I found out after purchasing the Quest 2 that I was unable to play any of the games I had already paid for because my GPU was not supported ๐Ÿ˜ž I am wondering if there will ever be an update to drivers or some software which will enable me to use oculus link with my GPU. For reference I have an AMD R9 390, so it's not necessarily for lack of power or inability to do things as it seems to be a powerful card that can run most games on high settings with decent frame rates, just a lack of compatibility software. I am wondering if this is something in development or I just need to accept that I will need to buy a new GPU/downgrade to a compatible one as all GPU prices are sky high due to crypto mining.