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Windows 7 - Poor tracking quality - Oculus stays black - Oculus Rift CV1

Level 2
I have an old FF steering wheel which does not work with Windows 10. So I connected a separate SSD and made a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I installed all updates and the most recent nVidia drivers. I wanted to install the oculus software, but it told me to install two more windows updates. I tried to install them, but they where already installed. So I had to use
to successfully finish the installation.

After that I was able to setup the sensors and the guardian system, but when the setup screen displays "Continue in VR" and I put on the headset I cannot see anything. The headset is black, from time to time a few dotted lines flash. The led inside the headset at the top starts to change colors between white and orange.Later I discovered that the status in the software changes to orange and it says the the device is connected, but the tracking has poor quality. After a few seconds the status changes back to green.
After the installation I discovered that the device status showed that the sensors are connected via USB2 although they are connected to a USB3 controller. I updated the Intel USB 3 driver to a version from 2017. After that the status show USB3 but the problem with the headset still persists.

I reinstalled the oculus software, changed the USB ports.disconnected the headset, connected it to USB and after a few seconds to HDMI. Nothing worked.

On another SSD there is Windows 10 installed and the headset works fine, so it should not be a generall problem with the rig. It seems to be a problem with Windows 7 or the drivers.

The system:

- Gigabyte H97-D3H mainboard
- Intel i7-4790K
- nVidia GTX 970
- 20 GB RAM

Any suggestions how to fix the problem?

Level 16
Ya, well no surprise.  Oculus has not supported win7 for over 1.5 years now.  For those that insist on staying with an obsolete OS, good luck to you, lol!
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Level 2
who the heck uses win 7 in my opinion win 10 is the best

Level 16
I think there's a great song for those still using Win7 for VR  B)

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Level 3
The problem is forced updates. Just stop it. Rendering a product we purchased inoperable by changing the specs is unacceptable.

Level 7
Try the Win7 drivers from the steering wheel in Windows 10. Unzip the installer and install manually if there is an OS version check.

This or keep trying different USB driver versions in Win7.

W7 is not supported anymore. I think you better try get the steering wheel to work in W10 instead of trying to get Rift to work in W7.

Level 2

LuMiSoya said:

Any suggestions how to fix the problem?

Same for me. Build a "new" PC with Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit and bought an used Oculus Rift 4 months ago.
I wanted only to play BeatSaber, that was the reason for the "new" PC. Before i used Windows XP.
Now i hear the scrams "Oh no, XP is not safe, ohno, it´s not supported, blahblahblah".
It worked many years. No viruses (checked periodically), no problems.
All You people, go out and buy new OS, new Hardware, new Software every year, because it´s not
longer supported.  What would you do, if you drive to your local fuel station with your car
and the fuel-hose didn´t fit in your car?  Then the employee came to you and says "Oh, Sir, we didn´t
support your Ford anymore, we changed the fuel-hose/pistol, now it is bigger.
Please buy a Toyota and then come back".
I guess you will leave and never came back to this fuel-station.
Same for me.
First Steam did an Software-Update (beginning of July 2020), after that my Oculus didn´t work in Steam.
After some days i found "OpenComposite" and it worked again. But i received NO help from Steam!
So i decided to never ever again buy something from Steam!
Now the same with Oculus: Software-Update with no option to decline it.
And now my rift ist electrionic garbage.
I will see if there is a manual option for a fallback to an old version of the Oculus Software.
If not, i will install a second harddrive only for Win10, so i can switch between the two OS.
But guess from which company i will never ever again buy a game?
 Right, from Oculus, because they didn´t want me anymore as a customer.    😞
Think about it, LuMiSoya!

Level 16
For goodness sake, please get a life and update to win10, lol!
9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, Corsair 750w, Quest 1 w/Link and wireless w/VD, Vive Pro.

Level 3
I for one have no desire to use 10 because it's hot garbage.

Level 16

BCause said:

I for one have no desire to use 10 because it's hot garbage.

OK, then please do not complain when win7 fails to work for you.  Certainly do not blame developers who no longer support this obsolete OS.
9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, Corsair 750w, Quest 1 w/Link and wireless w/VD, Vive Pro.