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WorkRooms not updating room logo to other users

Level 2


I uploaded a logo to a few rooms and set it to be active. From my view, everything looks fine, but other participants don't see the new logo. They only see the same as me when we are using the built in logos.

If they try to change to the logo I uploaded, they see it in their assets, but when selecting it, they get an error message.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello kavn! We see you're having some trouble with custom logos in Workrooms. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of why those logos are giving you a hard time. The first thing that comes to mind are the dimensions of the logo. Is it possibly too big or small, or an incorrect file type? Here's a quick breakdown of the size and file requirements.



  • File Type: PNG with a transparent background
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (For the area. Logo sizes are dynamic)
  • Min resolution: 720 x 405 px


That information, as well as a wealth of knowledge pertaining to all things Workrooms can be found here.


We hope this helps! If you have any additional questions, please let us know!


To clarify:
I can place the logo and see it correctly from my account, so it must meet the requirements.
Others are seeing a different logo on the wall from the one that I see and though they see in the menu the option to choose this logo, it always fails to load from their accounts.


Thank you for the clarification! 


Does that error message give them any specific information, or is just a "failed to load image" message? We'd also like to know how many participants are having this issue. It could very well be on their end if everything looks good for you and meets the requirements. While we're considering this possibility, have you asked your participants if they can update their apps?


The error message is only "failed to load logo", and it was the same for all 6-7 other users that visited the rooms, so I doubt this is something to do with their accounts.

I uploaded the logos again, at some point it wouldn't even upload the logos for me ("failed to load logo"), and later at least some of the other participants confirmed that they are able to see my logo correctly. 

I have no idea what solved the issue, but it seems to work now.


That's wonderful to hear the issue seemed to be resolved. If there's nay further assistance we can provide, feel free to reach back out any time!