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Working solo in Oculus Quest 2

Level 2

Hi there - I have the logitech K830 keyboard tracking working fine in the Quest 2 but I'm looking for a solo work environment with multiple screens and multiple environments. Horizon workrooms is ok for collaboration but no multiple monitors, resizing monitors , nice environments etc. I know there are other apps but none of them track the logitech keyboard as you move it which is a great feature - you need to re-calibrate each time..


Am I missing an Oculus app that tracks the logitech keyboard and has multiple monitors, custom environments etc and is more designed for the solo home worker as opposed to the collab stuff ?





Level 2

I’m using vSpatial. I don’t have a K830, but the software supports it. It’s not fully standalone, however. It brings apps/monitors in from a PC. It does have a standalone web browser. Very nice experience.

Thanks - the issue with Vspatial is that it doesn't actually track the keyboard. If you move it, then you would need to redo the kbd setup. Unless Oculus opens this up then I guess third party apps wont have this capability.