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Worst customer service i ever seen

Level 2

I am writing this review to avoid my bad Oculus experience for others. I bought a new Rifts S from Amazon on December 13, 2020, on March 3, 2021, Oculus updated software and firmware and since then my Rift has stopped working. I opened a ticket on the "" "" support site "" "" (if we want to call it that), they was asked to me to do:
- Check for bends or tears in the cable
- Check for any broken pins on the ends of the cable
- Check for updated drivers (Usb, GPU, Windows ...)
- Start windows in clean mode to avoid program conflicts
- Send log from the previous week

Almost 1 week later, after viewing my photos and logs and after telling them that up until the day before the Rift S was working fine, they tell me to check if I have the hardware is compatible (???). I explain to them that I have no time to waste and that the hardware is fine, my graphics card is on their compatibility list, I have double the required ram, and an older I7 still better than a dual core I3 6100 they tell them. They reply that they cannot guarantee operation if the video card is not compatible, so I seem to speak to people with Alzheimer's, they are not technicians, they are clowns and this is incorrect behavior, I can only tell my experience, but a classaction should be made against these people.