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XBox One Controller Going Crazy

Level 5
When I use my Xbox One Controller in Home, it goes crazy. When it's plugged in, if I look at my library, the library just starts flicking through by itself. If I look away, it stops. Unplug the dongle and it stops as well. Everything else works fine with it (no problems in games etc), it's only in Home.

I've tried updating the firmware on the XBox One controller but that did nothing.

When I first got my Rift (about 3 weeks ago) it was fine. This only started happening in the last few days.

Anyone have any ideas? It's no big deal, just annoying if I'm changing between games that use the controller (have to unplug and re-plug it in every time).


Level 5
Some kind of conflict but what it's conflicting with I don't know never had a problem with mine but I don't use the battery's I used a mini usb cable plugged into a usb port to power it