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accountvnot wrking

Level 2


we have problem with ou accunt cant get accses.can you please advice what to do


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey KajusVR! We know the importance of having access to your account and library, so we'd love to help out! 


To gain a bit more insight, could you please answer the following:


  • When did you first notice this?
  • Have you attempted any troubleshooting?
  • Have you created a new account at any point?
  • Are you unable to access the account completely, or just the library?
  • Does the issue span across devices? (Headset, mobile app. pc app, etc.)


Once we have those answers, we'd be more than glad to look at some possible options! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again, @KajusVR! We're just checking in to see if you still need assistance with your account. If you do, just respond with the answers to the questions above, and we'll go from there!