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artifact floating permanently in field of vision

Level 2

I spent my last session sampling lots of browser apps, like the First Contact app, painting apps and other fun things to do.


There seems to be a floating paint bush now in the field of view, dead center at about 15 degrees up from horizontal. It may be a dart or something else....kind of a brown rod with a lighted sphere at the end.


Restarting and powering off doesn't make it go away. The artifact stays in every session or app I start up.


How can I make this thing go away. It's distracting and some kind of bug. Thanks for any tips.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey bipedalist, 


While some floating objects in game can lead to a neat power-up, we can see how one like this could be distracting for gameplay. 


As far as this floating artifact goes, there are two different steps depending on if you have a Quest device or a Rift device. 


Let us know if this works for you. 


So, it's still there. I've tried resetting using my cell phone app, then again using the factory reset built into the headset.

Even during the post-reset startup sequence the artifact is there. Even during the boot sequence it is there.

Its looks like a small wooden rod with a round white fuzzy tip floating horizontally almost directly straight ahead.

As far as I know, at this point the device is fully erased, set to factory defaults twice but that hasn't changed the problem. I haven't gone fully through the setup yet as what's the point? If resetting doesn't fix the issue, what would?

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, we appreciate you attempting all of those troubleshooting steps. We definitely understand not wanting to completely re-setup your device as the issue is still present.


With this being the case, please submit a support ticket to us here, and include all troubleshooting steps that you have tried or the link to this community post with your troubleshooting steps. Just a heads up, we are going to need a picture of the floating object for reference when you reach out to our support team.


We want to look into all of our options so we can get you back to VR uninterrupted. 👌

Okay, when you say to take picture of the artifact, I take that to mean use the VR interface to take an image of my world view in the headset including the artifact. It would have been useful to know that before I reset the device as the images I had on board are now kaput, but that's history now. I guess next step is to set it up again, pair it with my phone app, then get an image I can submit.