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audio crackling

Level 4

So it isn't visually stuttering but the audio is horrendous I have been able to run beatsaber just fine until today I plug in my headset and the crackling is so bad I can't play it sometimes crackles sometimes completely cuts out I have my headset plugged in with usb c it has 1gb of bandwidth so that isn't the issue for some reason the audio is just crackling and such any help would be nice


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! If the issue is suddenly occurring and hadn't occurred previously, please click here to submit a ticket so that we can assist you. Thank you very much!

I HAVE SUBMITTED A TICKET if you read the forums lots of other people are having the same issue as I am fix your dang software and if you can't figure it out just rollback to a previous version.

I have the same issue, Oculus link is virtually unusable at this point.  I opened up a ticket 3 weeks ago.  Support was very responsive.  After submitting the log files as requested, I cannot get the support representative to respond.  I've been actively replying to the support ticket trying to kindly request an update.  Crickets, not even a boilerplate message.  This is ultra low quality support.  Up until now I've enjoyed my Oculus, this says highly soured my experience with this company.

Just got a response today and they asked me for my log files let's see if they respond

Level 2

I am having the exact same issue but it is only with steam vr  

I guess my tickets are being closed?  When I respond, new tickets are being generated?  New support staff says, I don't see the logs, please resend?  I then send the logs, can't get a response, then the process repeats.  I've also direct message the Oculus support representatives in the forum to check on my tickets.  They also don't respond to my requests.  I remain respectful and patient.  Has Oculus support responded to you in any meaningful way?

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I had the same issue before my OQ2 basically stopped working with boudnaries. It was weird...i was playing BS (have been playing for months...e+ level) and the song i was playing all of the sudden sounded weird and its like the bass got cranked up to 1000% and i could literally feel wind pouring from the speakers blowing my was so weird. At the same time the blocks started stuttering....this has happened once or twice where blocks stuttered a couple times but it then smoothed itself out.....this was constant / non stop and i play in the same place with the same light set up and same guardian set up...a couple days later and my guardian boundaries won't tether to the floor and tracking is all over the place....its like the oq2 has like a 6 month shelf life or they screwed something up REALLY bad in the most recent software update.

Also as a dev myself i get that they can't just roll back the version. Many apps are probably already taking advantage of things in the new version or adapted to the new version and rolling back a version might adversely effect things even more.

Level 4

Oculus support is recommending that I backup my program files/ Oculus folder.  Uninstall and reinstall Oculus software.  If it does not repair they want my serial number?  I don't feel that this is a hardware issue?  I'm also concerned about losing my saved games.  Has anyone on this thread uninstalled reinstalled Oculus?

If you copy your game files to a different folder before uninstalling and reinstalling you won't lose them for me I had to uninstall reinstall everything I then used sidequest to backup my quest files just in case and factory reset my quest seems to have fixed the issue oculus support never got back to me. It shouldn't be a hardware issue especially if it was working for you before.