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bandewitch internet slow in wifi

Level 2
Hello , I have post a message to msi forum for have support too . My problem is ; when i put the "casque( headset )  VR into my port usb3.0  my bandwitch do to maximum 300 kbytes ./secondes , ( i have normally 5mb/S ) when i remove the cable , my bandwitch come back good . i have change the place , it's same .so i think is perturbation frequency . but i can"t change the usb cabel from rift headset ... onyone have solution for me ? 


Level 5
That happened to me. The only solution I found was to change the channel my WiFi dongle and router communicates, and connect the dongle in a different USB port (different internal controllers).

You need to read your router's manual to change the default channel if you don't know how it's done.

Hope this helps.

Level 2
ok i do this i inform you if is better . ( tomorow or frijday )

Level 16
Try using USB 2.0 and use a port that is further away from your wifi adapter.
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Level 2
Hello is solved .1- i have router linksys 6900 ; i have change to norme .G and not in mix , i have take canal 13 ( i do a test with 1 to 5 but same problem ) with canal 13 ( last ) bandwitch is ok now .BIG BIG THX NANGU