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Everything is missing

Whenever i go on my quest it shows that i have absolutely nothing in my library no browser no games etc, and when i go to the store nothing shows up at all i had tons of games and now i cant play any, help?Also i think this started as soon as i start...

Oculus Link

I have an original quest and my PC has the requirements to run Oculus Link. I have a 3.0 cable too and I get green checkmarks on the oculus software. Whenever I try to run Blade and Sorcery (Via SteamVR) I am able to play for around 2-5 minutes then ...

Battery for Quest 2

I have only had my Quest 2 for 2 days. I charged the battery to full then unplugged it and made sure it was off before putting it away. When I came back to play it roughly 10 hours later the battery was completely dead. Is this normal or did I get on...

Oculus Move app disappeardt

Hi there!after some days of using my Oculus move app disappeared by itself. I still get the notification notification when I reach my limits, but I can access the app anymore. I can’t see it in my apps and also not in the App Store. Does anyone has t...

Unable to start Oculus Link

Hi, I am using an original quest and also an Anker USB 3.0 cable. This setup worked with no issues on my pc around 2 months ago, but for some reason I can no longer start Oculus link. The connection is fine according to my Oculus app on PC, I get a p...

Broken Elite Strap Return Experience?

So I’m sure you’ll all be shocked to hear that my Elite Strap (purchased Jan ‘21) has cracked in two places. I submitted a support ticket a week ago, received a reply the next day asking for additional info, and after my reply to that, nada for the n...

Search function

When I do a search for anything the only choices that come up are for apps. I don’t get any 360 video. The only category is for apps. Do I have a setting I need to change? Thank you.

guardian boundary glitch/bug

whenever I turn on my headset and set up my guardian boundary there is a little section at the top of the screen where my surroundings are blurry and look glitched a little. it's hard to describe and I can't find a way to take a clear picture but I w...

white flashing

Dear SupportWhen playing FS2020 the screen is fine until I toggle the VR on then i get intermittent white flashing, every 1-2 seconds. I took a video of it but not allowed to load it to the message.Also the sound on the headset goes off when i select...


So I bought vacation simulator and played it for about 30 minutes then wanted to refunded because I wasn’t a fan of it then I tried to refund it and it said I had played it for more then 2 hours

1fps black screen flickering lag

My oculus link keeps having this black screen surrounding me in VR, and black bars glitching in and out of my screen, everything runs at like 2 fps. I don't know how this is possible, my PC is VR ready and I even used to play games fine before. This ...

Resolved! Shipping packaging

Hello, I was just curious on what the shipment packaging looks like? My order shipped today and I will be receiving it on the 10th. I wanted to know if the shipment box is a non-decrypt brown shipping box or if it shows what is in it (Oculus Rift S)....

How do you change your email on this new forum?

So how do you change your email address now for your Oculus account? I've looked all over this new forum and can't find away to change my email address. I've looked at my profile and in settings, but I see nothings about changing my email address.

Spasming controller

I was casually playing the game in the video when I made kinda violent move with my left touch controller (Rift S). After I did that my controller started flying everywhere. I thought it might be the game glitch, that the hand got stuck in some invis...

Can't enter payment method

I really want to buy blade and sorcery but I can't enter my credit card! Every time I do it just responds with "Fel försök igen" error try again in swedish. Please help me!

Estonix by Level 2
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Sensor not woking Windows 10 USB Device not recognised

Any ideas? It was working fine one day, in fact I was playing Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond (Good game), one day and the next it refuses to be found. I've tried re-installing drivers, I've tried changing USB slot, I've been into the Oculus suppor...

Multiple Account Screen Casting

We recently split an Oculus Quest 2 for my stepdaughter with her father. She brings the device back and forth between our houses. He originally set the device up and added it to his account using the app. No matter what we do, we cannot get it to cas...

Facebook Horizon constantly fall in the floor

In all way, I’m unable to load any world in Facebook Horizon. I’m constantly falling in the floor.. I’m using Rift S and I reboot the computer, I reinstall the application, I recalibrate the headset but it’s always doing the same. thanks for help Jon...

JoDau by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Casting for multi-users

So my wife and I both have oculus accounts, one for a Rift and one for a Quest 2. We have both users logged into the Quest 2 successfully using the new multi-user feature. However, there's a couple issues with casting. #1 - When my wife's account (th...

Oculus quest 2 error unusable

Logged two tickets with support, not responseerror message on oculus quest 2 headset ‘oculus app runtime keeps stopping’actions Performed: factory reset (no joy)rebooted from menu (no joy)erased (no joy)let The battery run down completely (no joy)I b...

noguk46 by Level 2
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Very disappointed

Oculus RiftS. I have a ticket in that seems to be put on ignore. Graphics are absolutely horrible. Good FPS, horrible display. And yes, I have exhausted all available tips and tricks regarding fit and pupil distance. Guardian won't stay set no matter...

Oculus Rift headset will not work

Hi, new to this. Bought an Oculus Rift with the necessary requirements for a PC that is plenty powerful. Ran it for over 12 months no problems, all updates carried out when asked.then, for no reason, headset won’t engage. Everything else works, I’ve ...

Very slow download speed

I recently bought a Quest 2 and I geht very slow connection to oculus servers in general. It does not matter wether I am using the Windows software or the store on the Quest 2 itself. Browsing the store is a chore, preview videos don't play, download...

error query

I can't buy the any game both on quest 2 and the website on my laptop, it reminds me that error performing query. But I bought the climb 2 days later with no issue like that, and I haven't change any setting on my Facebook account.