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superhot in permanent synch

As of yesterday I'm no longer able to play superhot through my oculus rift 2. In the beginning when choosing a game, it's grayed out and says synching. Tried Uninstaller and reinstall. Tried looking for updates

Oculus lost my headset and controllers

I sent in my Oculus 2 and controllers for replacement and they claim to have lost them over 1 month ago and still, they keep saying they are working on it. I am sick of waiting for their error and keep demanding they send me an Oculus 2. I paid $400+...

VDOman by Level 2
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Air link problems

I have had v28 for a while now and have been trying to get air link to work.My setup is asus tuf laptop, gtx 1660ti, ryzen 7 gpu, i have EE smart hub in same room with 5ghz connection.My headset shows i am connected to pc, but when i launch, it just ...

Oculus support on linux

I've recently swapped my OS to Linux for various reasons but found out that Oculus does not support it.I mean, SideQuest does have a Linux version but it does not allow me connect my quest (via AirLink) to my PC.There are games I used to play on PCVR...

Sir.Joe by Level 2
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Airlink not working

So i have a Quest 2 and a Asus GL702VSK laptop im trying to use with Airlink, However when i try to set it up neither the laptop can find the quest or the quest can find the laptop. The laptop is connected to the router through a cable and the quest ...

My FITXR not working

Hello, I have been using FITXR almost a year. But now I’m facing difficulty to open the app since the last 4 days. How can you help me to fix my problem. thanks a lot in advance Amanuel

Unable to connect phone app to the Quest 2

Hello, I've recently acquired my new Quest 2 and am struggling with the setup.My smartphone is old and I suspect it is the problem. It's a Moto G with Android version 5.1. I've seen that the Oculus app is compatible with Android 5.0+ so I hope this i...

Quest 2 showing as USB 2

What’s the deal with this trash? I’ve gone through every step of customer service, and to no luck. I cannot for the life of me get this device to show as USB 3. I’ve tried the official cable, other cables and adapters, I even went and grabbed at USB ...

Oculus Quest 2 slow to load and stuttering in games.

Hi, So I have had my oculus quest 2 for less than a year. It is now performing less than normal. When I play games, at times, the game will temporarily freeze. When I watch vr180 vids in youtube, which was crystal clear and perfectly smooth in the be...

1660 Ti with MaxQ "unsupported"

According to the following Oculus Link Compatibility the 1660 Ti should be supported, it also does not say notebook is not supported. I have a Surface Book 3 w/ a 6G 1660 Ti with MaxQ support. When I run the Oculus App it says "your graphics card is ...

dduffey by Level 3
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How to remove blue boundary line.

I only ever use my headset when seated and have set the boundary as such. For some reason though I always have a blue boundary semi circle on display. This applies across the board including FS2020 which is doubly annoying. Any help is welcome.

Beat saber, problem, cant start the game

When i start the game. Some times the text bear saber comes up. And then i go back to the Mail menu. And sometimes it show some error message. Some text explaining that there are som troubles. I see many people have this issue. Have they come up with...

Immersive web experiences not working

I have only recently gotten my first Vr headset, the Oculus Quest 2, and I have had a lot of fun on the oculus web browser immersive experiences. However, over the last couple of days when ever the text at the bottom of the screen pops up (“Allow ‘we...

Link randomly disconnecting

Recently oculus link randomly disconnects from my pc. My pc doesn't have a amd. The pc is still running vrchat and my connection is superior to most. I am not an IT person and would need a very much needed walk through but if FB don't want to help I ...

Fit XR keeps stalling

Fit XR keeps stalling at exactly the same place in a boxing class saying its the internet connection but plays other classes all the way through. I feel like it is a glitch being blamed on internet connection. What can be done about this? I find Fit ...


Hi! I want to change my email. Because I don’t have access to the old email I have in oculus quest 2.

Resolved! Sidequest

Having troubles connecting my quest 2 to sidequest ice connected usb_c cable and developer is active my problem is when I try give permission sidequest wont show up as a usb device for my to allow connection

Gifting music pack add ons for Beat Saber

Why is this still not an option?? I know we can gift apps but I have friends that don't have all the music packs yet and I would love to give one or more as a birthday gift and so on. When we are in parties they can't participate in all songs. I'd bu...

My guardian can’t stop drawing

When I try to setup my guardian, even if I don’t hold the trigger, it won’t stop drawing the guardian. if i pick a stationary boundary, the sound of drawing the boundary persists.

My Quest 2 Just Bricked Itself...

I am on the newest hotfix of v27.1 or whatever u wanna call it... ugh why? I was just playing beat saber for an hour before this happened, I turned off my headset and turned it back on a few minutes later to see the "updating" logo  I haven't played...

GPU coil whine when OVR service is running

Hi. I own a Gigabyte RX 5700 XT. Recently I found out my GPU was starting to coil whine during idle conditions when I installed the Oculus App. It took a bit of fiddling around, but I eventually found out the OVR service was causing the problem. This...

Apexic by Level 2
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