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Known Issue - Air Link Connections Lag or Low FPS

We’re working on fixing a recent issue which is causing Air Link performance problems for some people. If you’ve noticed any latency issues or lag with Air Link after updating to v41, you might be impacted. The team is working on getting a solution i...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Resolved! Known Issue - Black bar when accessing store (Link/Air Link)

When I’m using the AirLink and I’m on my VR desktop, I will click on the store and the store doesn't appear. Instead a black bar pops up in my view about the same shape and size as the Oculus frame and wherever I look, it moves with me. When I want i...

TSKGPage by Level 3
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Resolved! Known Issue - Black screen after v39 update

Today my Quest 2 updated to the new firmware v39 After the update the screen stays black. The boot sequence always follows the same scheme: Meta logo appears, the jingle sound can be heard. Then the 3 dots occur, following another 3 dots. After that ...

Asgarond by Level 4
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Resolved! Resolved Outage - Account Issues - Logged Out, Library Missing

The team is currently investigating reports of account issues, including logouts and missing app libraries. Thanks for your patience while the team is working to resolve this issue. At this time you do not need to create new accounts, or take any oth...

Quest 2 works with USB2 ports but not USB3?

Hi everyone! I'm able to connect my Quest 2 to my PC via the USB 2 ports and although I get a warning in the Quest app about USB 2 speeds, it works somewhat and I'm able to play some games on Steam. However, when I plug into the USB 3 ports (on both ...

VR text notification

If my VR is not on the same network as my phone, and it is in a different city, will notifications from my phone still show on my VR headset? I let someone borrow my VR headset, however, forgot to turn notifications off. Can they still see my notific...

Resolved! Black Screen when using Virtual Desktop in Oculus PC App

UPDATE: Solution found by Hansaplastique! THANK YOU! It seems this method forces Intel(R) UHD Graphics to render for OVRServer_x64.exe. At least, that's what's selected under "Power Saving" for my PC. My games still run fine using this method, since ...

Oculus Go Never To Work Again?

So I’ve read around the block on my issue. Basically my Oculus Go doesn’t initiate anything unless I put it on a charger. Once on a charger or even in-line with my PC I can press and hold the power button where the oculus logo shows up for a few seco...

V0hn by Level 2
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Resolved! Lone Echo 2 unplayable

Hi,Just got LE2, I previously played LE1 and it was a charm but with LE2, it's just the hell.No crash at all but it's extremely slow even at low resolution and I don't even envisage to continue my mission as it is totally unpracticable.I have tried t...

Didn't get quest 2 recall but have foam

I bought a quest 2 last week but the new face...thing wasn't in the box or on my quest 2 but when I enter my serial # it says I'm all set.. but I'm not. What am I supposed to do here?

d0x360 by Level 4
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Cannot retrieve my oculus PIN...

So I just got this device, and paired it to my Facebook account to log in... I dont have access to the email that my facebook is linked to, it is from 20years ago, and essentially a burner email. When I set this thing up, it gave me a pin but didn't ...

Oculus Link Freezing Quest

So yesterday (11/22) I was using the Link for ours and I had no issues, but today any oculus link games are freezing inside the headset. The games are perfectly fine on my PC, but the headset will freeze and I'll need to power off/restart the headset...

Resolved! Quest 2 PC VR Radeon 5700xt mess

Hi guysI bought my Quest 2 last week and since then i've only got problems.. Biggest problem ist that i can't even play the most games on medium gralhics without textures warping, glitching and jittering. Do you guys think this is related to Windows ...

guardian crashing on start up

does anyone know how to fix the guardian from crashing, i try to start teh set up for the boundary and one i press continue it come up with the error " keeps stopping" then it sends me back to the boundary set up

Oculus quest 2 PC VR not working

I recently got my oculus back after having to send my old one in because it broke. I wanted to play some new games I got, VTOL VR and H3VR, and the games are good and run well for around 5 minutes + or minus 2 minutes and then all of a suddon it free...


Does anyone know how to scan QR code with Oculus Quest 2 ?

Duy1705 by Level 2
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Oculus Rift: We can't find your sensor - Software Version 37

Since version 37, I keep getting the "We can't find your sensor" error. It happens with both Rift sensors and forces me to have to unplug them from the USB 3.0 ports. Reinstalling the Oculus Driver does not resolve the issue. Setting USB ports to not...

Left hand controller drift is absurd and bypasses deadzones.

The drift on my left hand's controller is getting very bad. It started off small, but over time it's grown to be causing the thumb-stick to shoot all the way backwards after even slight movements. I will walk forward 2 steps in some games, and then i...

kritaka by Level 2
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cannot link PC to Quest 2

Trying to connect a Quest 2 to a Windows 10 laptop. When I connected the supplied cable, Windows said it was installing the Occulus Quest driver. The Quest then asks me if I want to allow access to data. But no matter if I choose allow or deny, the O...

Not receiving email for confirmation code to change user name

Hi support,I tried to change my username and was asked to enter a confirmation code supposedly sent to me by email . However, I never received the code. The same happens when I attempt to modify the email or anything else in my account. Can you pleas...

amlam by Level 2
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Resolved! Complaint

I'm not sure where to post this.. The support tech Francisco A. told me there is no phone number for support or way to talk to a supervisor the only thing i can do is post my complaint here. I contacted support two times, but no one can tell me where...

Oculus mic not working

I cannot be heard when attempting to chat within a party or app…I can hear others but they can’t hear me

Nomad50 by Level 2
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Rma frustration

My headset was received on february 1st and its now the 21st. The email confirmation said to allow 8-12 days for it to be processed and then my replacement would be shipped. So far i haven't received any email about it shipping, I've been escalated t...

SteamVR Glitching

Games and Apps within SteamVR on my Oculus Quest 2 are glitching out with the screen changing positions and strobing very rapidly. This happens with both Link Cable and Air Link. I have tried everything I could find and it all has no impact. Does any...

Problème parainage

hello, one of my colleagues sponsored me but I did not receive anything.we don't see the diamond icon.I bought my quest 2 on Saturday to recover this sponsorship please?.Thank you.Mr COQUELIN Nicolas (France)

cant install oculus home (Win10 Fall update)

It just keeps telling me to reboot. I deleted every folder that was related to oculus and it didnt help. Ive rebooted many times, ive shut down, ive plugged the hmd in, ive unplugged it and i keep getting the same error even when i run it as admin.Th...

d0x360 by Level 4
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Walkabout Mini Golf issue with club

Hubby and I just played a game together. His club glitches, twitches, jumps around often when he is trying to putt. Something is wrong. He said it did this the other day also. He holds his club handle perfectly still, not moving, and I can see the en...