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Intermittent Black Screen - Rift S, <1 week old

Hi, I just got my Rift S a few days ago and set it up without any issues. I basically bought the Rift just to play Beat Saber and so far, it's been very underwhelming due to intermittent black screens in the middle of play. I am playing through Steam...

Grabbing objects makes the player controller move

I've recently started VR development in Unity. I used OVR Grabber and OVR Grabbable on the hands and the objects that I want to move. I've also given the objects a collider and a rigid body. However, when I grab one of the objects, sometimes (in some...

Im new can someone break it down?

Hi im new to the vr bit i got the quest.So my question is how can you tell if a game is compatible with my rig and how do you tell if you need a pc to use it


Hi, I have a serious problem about SENSOR ERROR on my rift S. Tried ALL THE THINGS THAT SUPPORT ASK TO ME : Unplug the Rift's DisplayPort and USB cables from the PCRemove Facial interface by carefully pulling it straight out (It may help to remove on...

Unable to Install Oculus Windows App

I have disabled both windows defender and my firewall and I still get the error. I have included the .log file for review. Any thoughts or ideas on my next steps would be appreciated. Thanks!

Why can't I watch VR videos?

I have an Oculus Quest with the Oculus Link cable. I want to view VR videos on the web but it doesn't work for me. I click the VR headset icon at the bottom of the video, and it simply maximizes the window and doesn't put me into VR. Here's what I'm ...

digs3 by Level 2
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PLEASE allow us to disable the IPD overlay!

I have to wear prescription lenses with my headset. The way it sits on my face with the insert causes my nose to occasionally hit the lenses and move them slightly. The 1mm difference in IPD is negligible, but having my game covered by a massive over...

Oculus app won't install

earlier today, the oculus app said I needed to install drivers, but whenever I did, it would close itself and then re-open itself without any drivers installed, or installing. so I tried again, still didn't work. and I tried a couple more times, but ...

sagey07 by Level 2
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Oculus Quest Won't Stay On.

This morning, my Oculus wouldn't stay on. I press the power button; it shows the Oculus logo; stays on briefly; then goes dark. I rebooted it -- same thing. I went for the factory reset. Same thing. Is the factory reset screen image a downward arrow ...

Having issues streaming videos

Hello. I'm wondering if the Quest can stream 3d videos (besides in YouTubeVR)? I've tried using Bigscreen and Oculus Gallery to stream said videos, but the playback shows the actual Side by Side video. It's like I'm watching a 3d video on a 2d screen...

Stuttering, lag, and controller problems with Rift S

Whenever I open up and launch steam VR using my Rift S, it works perfectly fine when I'm in my home. Whenever I enter a game though, it immediately starts stuttering and lagging incredible badly, and my controllers often disconnect. I have tried play...

i need some help with Rift S sensor not tracking at all

so this is my last shot for help ive tried everything i can with this problem and its going on 3 days now i got a rift S 3 days ago for my birthday i tried setting it up all cables connected perfectly i get to the part of the setup where it starts ch...

Tracking and Timeout Problems

Whenever I turn on my headset it will say tracking lost for about 30 seconds then it will tell me to enter my boundary or make a new one and when I press roomscale it starts to glitch out. Also, the passthrough wasn't working. It was just black. This...

No response from my support ticket

Hi there, I recently started having problems with my Oculas Rift S were the sound started to become more and more static as well as losing tracking. The software now does not recognise the headset and constantly says that the Display port is not conn...

Windows 10 2004 update fails due to Oculus

I have been trying to update to version 2004 for 3 hours now but everytime it fails due to the OVRLibraryService(according to the error log)"Can't retrieve group information for user NT SERVICE\OVRLibraryService."

LDDOwO by Level 2
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Issue Installing Titles On A Mapped (NAS) Drive

Hey guys, title says it all really. When I try to set my install directory to a folder in the mapped drive (during the initial setup) I get the following message ' Sorry, you can’t add this folder as a location because you don’t have permissions for ...

USB 3.0 extension not working

Hello together,I recently bought an active USB 3.0 extension cable to power my Oculus Rift Sensors.Now that I tested the cable I found out it wont work. I plugged it into an external power supply but oculus and other software tells me that the device...

Maxiido by Level 2
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Order on hold meaning (also Sweden delivery time)

Hello.I live in Romania , but i have some relatives in Sweden , so i think that was the best thing to do was to buy from the official site because the local vendors have exaggerated prices. -Never bought something from Oculus before . So I bought the...

Link cable adapter

My pc doesn’t have usb c ports and need an adapter for the link cable. Does anybody know of any good adapter that will work? If so please send link. All the ones I’ve looked at say it’s not compatible.

Screen burn help

Hi guys! I'm fearly new to oculus world. Recently I did the stupid thing of turning on the flash of my camera to clean the lenses, theres a burn spot now that doesn't want to come out, do you know if that is permanent?

artprey by Level 2
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iMac 2017 (Radeon Pro 580) and Boot Camp (Windows 10 Home)

I bought iMac 2017 (Radeon Pro 580) few days ago and tried run Oculus Rift CV1 on Boot Camp (Windows 10 Home).But disturbed video displayed on headset and "Your computer doesn't meet Rift's recommended specifications" message on Oculus Home.Radeon Pr...

fukazayo by Level 2
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script error

Hi, as of today i am getting a script error on elite dangerous when starting the game [oculus version not steam ] if i click on stop running the script the game runs ok ,was fine before today . cheers

Cant download Oculus Software

Hi AllSo I am trying to install oculus onto my D drive but it only installs onto my C drive. To fix this I ran the command prompt ([drive]:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive=[new system drive]) but when I do this it says that it cant co...