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Known Issue - Air Link Connections Lag or Low FPS

We’re working on fixing a recent issue which is causing Air Link performance problems for some people. If you’ve noticed any latency issues or lag with Air Link after updating to v41, you might be impacted. The team is working on getting a solution i...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Resolved! Known Issue - Black bar when accessing store (Link/Air Link)

When I’m using the AirLink and I’m on my VR desktop, I will click on the store and the store doesn't appear. Instead a black bar pops up in my view about the same shape and size as the Oculus frame and wherever I look, it moves with me. When I want i...

TSKGPage by Level 3
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Resolved! Known Issue - Black screen after v39 update

Today my Quest 2 updated to the new firmware v39 After the update the screen stays black. The boot sequence always follows the same scheme: Meta logo appears, the jingle sound can be heard. Then the 3 dots occur, following another 3 dots. After that ...

Asgarond by Level 4
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Resolved! Resolved Outage - Account Issues - Logged Out, Library Missing

The team is currently investigating reports of account issues, including logouts and missing app libraries. Thanks for your patience while the team is working to resolve this issue. At this time you do not need to create new accounts, or take any oth...

Facebook acces every time the quest2 is restarted

good morning everyone, sorry but for a few days every time I turn on the viewer (and if I connect to the internet) it asks me every time to log in with fb and enter the password and immediately afterwards the viewer restarts automatically, only after...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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$60 redeem credit for referral

Hi my grandmother recently got an oculus and I sent her the link from my oculus app to both receive the $60 referral credit. I opened the link on her phone and it brought us to the so to complete the set up process for the headset- we never received ...

Sound issues

Hi , I was using my Rift during a session in DCS world , when the sound started playing up , I have since discovered that the front facing sound is very low , but as soon as I turn my head left or right the sound comes back , sound from the sides is ...

Oculus Quest 2 game glitching

When playing Medal of Honour Above and Beyond it gets to the bit where you are on the submarine Mission 4 and it glitches at the same point each time and won't let me move forward which is so frustrating.....does anyone know why this is happening and...

Spritza by Level 2
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Proximity Sensor Issues

It works well for the first few minutes, but starts to break down. Smiling, which makes your cheeks puff up and move the headset slightly, makes the display turn off. Lifting my eyebrows seems to also trigger the headset to go off. Looking up, or dow...

I cant download Horizon Worlds

I am having trouble downloading horizon worlds. I am 24 and my Facebook age is correct and I'm signed in through Facebook. I haven't been banned or restricted at all so I'm not sure what the problem is. I've been trying all day yesterday and today an...

can't find airlink

Hello, there I can't find Airlink how to use Airlink if I can't find it on the PC client in the BETA section?

Referal problem

Hello, i just recently got a oculus and saw that i could get $60 for using a friends referral code so i did just that but when i go to the app i don't have any credit but my friend got $30 from it, and i try it again and it says I've already used tha...

VR Problem

Okay so basically, I am trying to download the oculus quest 2 software on my pc and it lets me but when I actually try to install it, then it just keeps saying sorry something went wrong please restart your pc and it just continues to not work. How c...

factory reset

did a factory reset for my son now we are stuck in set up mode where its on the controllers it wont let us move on from there, any help would be appreciated !

My game wont update

Im having some trouble with zenith vr. Its stuck on installing. How do i fix this problem. I have already tried restarting it but it did not help. I really dont want to factory reset.

Feature Request: Disable Head Cursor

I would like to submit a feature request to disable the head cursor dot when either using an APK or using a Gamepad(Xbox controller) or a voice command like "disable Head Cursor". Right now it's just so frustrating to use and flat 2D APK with it alwa...

Can’t install

I’m trying to download a game called blade and sourced nomad but it just says “install failed” clicking try again doesn’t work I can’t uninstall and reinstall because it’s not downloaded please help oculus I’m getting frustrated

sharing screenshots with oculus friends

Hi, is it possible to share screenshots with friends on Quest 2? I want to send screenshots of games and apps to my Quest 2 friends in chat so they can decide if they want to buy or get them and join me. I seem to be able to send screenshots to my me...

Headphones Ireland problem

Hi, I tried many different ways to connect my new headphone for Oculus. I recently bought headphones from headphones Ireland this site. This site is great for helping me find the best headphones, but it doesn't help me with how to connect. Soundpeats...

jjoncik by Level 2
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Broken Straps on Elite Strap with Battery

Straps on my Elite Strap with Battery have cracked and broken with very limited use and always properly stored in the Oculus travel case. Does anyone know how to return for repairs? I love the strap and extra battery power, but I feel the side straps...

horizon workrooms mobile web app camera issue

Hi, I tried to join horizon workrooms meeting with my android phone by using google chrome, it connected to the meeting successfully, but Im not able to change the camera, it forces me to use main camera, but not selfie camera and there is no button ...

tomtst by Level 2
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What looks like dried glue on my Quest 2 lense

 I have no clue what this is on my lenses but it causes the lense to become incredibly blurry. I clean my quest 2 religiously and put it down last week and haven’t touched since then. This morning when I went to put it in I noticed this on it. Does a...


Being disconnected from Horizon Workrooms on Oculus Quest 2

When I connect to a Horizon Workrooms room I am able to see it for about a minute and then I am booted out and it says "You have been disconnected, the room may be full or there was an error". As it's just me in the room it can't be full, but there's...

Windows and bios power settings for Rift S

Rift S pushes USB 3 connection to their limits, that why some computers fail to run properly headset. How about systems that barely meet this requirements ? Disabling not used USB ports in BIOS may help or it useless ? Same reason if we disable in Wi...

flashing screen and broken tracking quest 2

so my oculus quest 2 is having a problem. The last time I touched it was 1/22/2022, it is now 1/26/2022 and when I put it on I saw an error saying tracking lost. So as a go to read this error it suddenly disappears, as it disappears it takes me to a ...

Jvyysxn by Level 2
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