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Oculus Quest Shipping Question

Hi all. I finally decided to purchase an Oculus Quest, and had a question about how the shipping works. It says under ship-by date that it will ship by May 22nd, which is nearly a month away. Under normal circumstances that wouldn't be a problem, but...

lodef by Level 2
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No orders found?

Just logged on to the Oculus site and clicked 'recent orders' to find a message 'no orders found'!?i have the order page bookmarked so i could get to it quickly but when i try to look at oculus orders it says no orders,the bookmark still takes me the...

Game disappeared from my Library!!!

I was playing project cars 2 on the Rift, and a friend called me, so I put my headset down for a while. When I picked it back up the game froze because the rift timed out from inactivity. I had to ctrl+alt+del to close the app, but I accidentally end...

Can't access some apps in the store

Hello, why are there missing apps on oculus rift? For example Oculus Go has "netflix", "oculus browser" and other amazing apps that should be no problem to implement. So why are they missing? Can we expect them at all?

basket error

ive been refreshing for over an hour now i keep getting Whoops!There was an issue with loading your basket.i have to go soon and really don't want to miss out again is there any fix for this

Unable to view Homepage or Product pages when signed in

When I am signed in to Oculus on any browser or device, I am unable to navigate to the Homepage or any product page. I get served this page instead. This is a new issue as all was working fine earlier in the day, and signing out enables me to view th...

HDMI not connected, USB is green - Fixed

Hi all -Long post ahead, so please bare with me because I'm at my wits end.Specs off the bat:GTX 1060NVidia driver 442.59W10 with all most recent updatesOculus app installed on C:, which is a 500gb ssd if it matters.All USB 3, USB 2, HDMI and DP work...

Where is our money?

It has been 3 months and oculus has NOT paid us a dime of our money. we have exceeded the $100 each of these months. we are owed over $2,000 now and the payments team lied saying their system tried to transfer our money last month, after they "fixed"...

Help with Wander app

I just bought the Wander app for my Oculus Go, when I try to open the app, I receive an error message that says: Oculus update required, to learn how to update the app, visit, I went on this page with my iPad and could not find any...

Danveil by Level 2
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Long (4-5 sec) pauses in flight sims

This is my first post here and I'm unsure if it is in the correct place. Any mods should feel free to move it!I've been using a Rift CV1 since it was released, with a GTX 1080ti. My interest is exclusively flight sim (both X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D v4)...

Oculus Quest graphic problem

Hi guys, I recently bought an Oculus Quest, apart from my i3 the computer is above the minimum requirements, yet the problem is that the games (I speak of Virtual Desktop) are automatically castrated to me graphically, with Half Life Alyx which it's ...

Oculus won’t boot

My oculus quest will turn on to oculus logo until it fades away with lit black screen then spontaneously turn off. I tried hard reset and factory reset without good success. My phone can still connect to oculus quest headset via Bluetooth. Anyone hav...

Ulryk by Level 2
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Failure to use cable extensions.

Hello. I wanted to extend my oculus S range with cable extensions. Sadly It didn't worked and atm I have no idea why. Here is my setup:This DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable (

Can't Install Oculus Rift

Hello everyone,I'm writing to you because as a lot of people, I can't install Oculus Home on my PC. I get the "Reboot Computer" at the end of the installation, no matter what I try, I must have tried almost every single workaround I could find on the...

Hinch66 by Level 2
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Add Panel Feature Not Always Working

Hey guys,Im using the Add Panel to add my twitch chat message box into my vr headset, then pinning it so while I am streaming I can see it. However I would say about half the time it just comes up as a large yellow box with a ! in it. Sometimes this ...

kevilay by Level 2
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Left controller not working on Quest

So a few months back I bought a quest as of not long ago I stopped using it since I just don't have enough space. All of a sudden my left controller stops working and I assumed it was because the batteries were flat, so I didn't turn it on for a whil...

Intermittent freezing in Oculus Rift

Hi guys, I hope someone else has had this issue because I'm at my wits' end. I have an original CV1 that I use for sim racing. Unfortunately I'm having intermittent Oculus crashing where the image will freeze indefinitely and I have to close the game...

Oculus quest dead at 0.0001150 years old.

Hi all so I got my oculus and played it for a good hour and then connected it to my PC after which I started getting these 3 dots followed by the screen shutting off and then turning back on. It loops like this infinitly. Any ideas? I've FDRed 3 time...

KolbenX by Level 2
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help! cannot connect to server

i just got a new oculus rift and my computer cant seem to install the files , this is my first time running the setup and cant get passed the " cannot connect to server please check your connection" screenive did a lot of research and tried the /bypa...

Cannot play Minecraft without a headset

I bought the CV1 when it came out. When Minecraft VR came out, instead of binding my Minecraft instance to the Microsoft Store I bound it to the Oculus store. In the description on the store page it clearly says "If you have not yet downloaded Minecr...

When is restock on the Oculus Rift S or the Quest?

I really want a VR but they are sold out everywhere, I live in America. just wondering when they will be back in stock or I would love to preorder one. Also, don't want to pay $600+ on eBay for a used one.

pasdra by Level 2
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