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Known Issue - Air Link Connections Lag or Low FPS

We’re working on fixing a recent issue which is causing Air Link performance problems for some people. If you’ve noticed any latency issues or lag with Air Link after updating to v41, you might be impacted. The team is working on getting a solution i...

Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Resolved! Known Issue - Black bar when accessing store (Link/Air Link)

When I’m using the AirLink and I’m on my VR desktop, I will click on the store and the store doesn't appear. Instead a black bar pops up in my view about the same shape and size as the Oculus frame and wherever I look, it moves with me. When I want i...

TSKGPage by Level 3
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Resolved! Known Issue - Black screen after v39 update

Today my Quest 2 updated to the new firmware v39 After the update the screen stays black. The boot sequence always follows the same scheme: Meta logo appears, the jingle sound can be heard. Then the 3 dots occur, following another 3 dots. After that ...

Asgarond by Level 4
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Resolved! Resolved Outage - Account Issues - Logged Out, Library Missing

The team is currently investigating reports of account issues, including logouts and missing app libraries. Thanks for your patience while the team is working to resolve this issue. At this time you do not need to create new accounts, or take any oth...

Ghost Giant BUG in game

Hi PLEASE HELP!!! Had this game for 4 days now, not go passes the setup screenyet !! I am stuck just purchase GHOST GIANT game for the Quest but it won’t load,I have seen someone else with same problem on some forum, I cannot get passed the calibrati...

No new reels on I expect you to die

I finished a mission the last time I played. I stsrt d it up today and saw no new reel, so I thought maybe it hadn't saved. I repeated the mission and was successful again, but still no new reel is appearing in the door. Halp  I can't figure out how...

VR Ready? Meaning What!?

There is so much misinformation here about a computer being "VR Ready". My 4 year old laptop passes the Valve's "SteamVR Performance Test" easily.Try it! Download it (it's free) in the Steam Store. See for yourself. A couple things to clarify (well, ...

All my games are gone

My oculus wasn't allowing me to do anything on it for a couple weeks, until I just factory reset it today. I reconnected it on my new phone, which I'd been trying to do for a couple months, and this was the only thing that worked. Now, every single t...

Creating horizon world /publishing

Hi! I have a few questions I am currently in the process of creating my world in horizon world but I notice the right hand in build mode the lighting is red also I’m not allowed to publish my world can you help me Figure out what is going on my world...

shawtlo by Level 2
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Population ONE - update failure

Population ONE has been updating my game for more than a week ... the size of the game is 2.7GB, I have 10GB of free space ... I have purchased the game and it worked until this update ... updates cannot be aborted manually ... update runs even if I ...

My oculus is in a differnt date and year

I says that I'm in the year 2034 when I'm in 2022 and idk why I loaded in to my oculus and I couldn't play my games because I "didn't have internet" when I did and I'm just confused can someone help me

Images suddenly low quality on link

When first using air link with vrchat, it worked like a dream but the second and third time I tried it, everything looks like a 144p youtube video while unlinked looks better somehow.

Two Quests on one router

I just got my wife a Quest 2 and I'm trying to get airlink to work...So we each have our own PCs to run airlink off of. I bought a Nighthawk AX3000 router for my Quest..then purchased a Quest for her so we can both play.Now my issue is using Airlink ...

Air Link Black Screen On GTX 1050

Hi all, I'm posting because I'm having compatibility issues with my MSI & air link. As listed I am running it through GTX 1050 (which isn't supported, I know) and I was able to boot up Skyrim VR without lag once and never again. Now I have the classi...

Cast to PC not listed

So I haven't had this issue until recently, but I've been casting the Oculus Quest 2 to my PC on the URL so I can screen share it for some of my friends on Discord. Now when I try to cast, my PC isn't even being listed in the optio...

Connecting to Steam/laptop OQ2

So I got the Oculus Quest 2 not long ago, I wanted to play games like: black ops zombies, borderlands 2, Skyrim and etc. I bought BL2 VR on steam but was unable to even get the game itself working nor did it seem like my OQ2 was connecting to the lap...

Oculus Mirror

When I use Oculus Mirror it makes my game stutter and it makes it hard to play. I want to stream 2 perspectives of the game but I can barely play it when oculus mirror is open.


I need to change my email for my oculus account although i cant access my original email. Can i get some help?

F0olish by Level 2
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Phone replay

Hello I have a question when I screen mirror My headset to my phone there is a record button on my phone when I press it it wil start recordingBut when I'm done I cant find the replay on my phone duss someone know were u can find it and how to access...

Resolved! Can’t login through facebook on oculus app (mobile)

 It says there is a temporary block on my account on facebook when i login through facebook on the oculus app on mobile. I have waited for something like a month already and it hasn’t changed and i know the password and all and when i login on facebo...


inital airlink wont work

I just got my quest 2 and trying to connect it through air link the app tells me to turn it on and turn on air link, I do so and in the settings in the headset its turned on and press confirmed. But the app wont continue to set it up in the app. On t...


apps are 'gone' - You do not have pernission to play ?

Hi my sons oculus 2 suddenly dosn't display his apps in the library whwn using the headset (we can se them both on the mobil app and in the account) - he can find them from the 'big' meny in the recently played when using the headset,, but are not al...

Need some help with setting air link up

I see a lot of games that I can only play through my PC with my Oculus. I tried setting g it up with the Air Link but it didn't work for some reason so I tried with a cable but that also didn't work. I have it on in the experimental options but it do...

Ocuus casting

I would like to be able to cast my oculus to my tv through my firestick, making it exclusive to cromecast is very limiting

None of my games are showing up on my oculus library

I’m sure a lot of people have this problem but for the seccond time all of my game that I purchased have disappeared. This has happened before and I don’t know how this problem was fixed. I can’t even check my account. When I go to click on my accoun...

Really bad stick drift

hey everyone so i have had my rift s for about 3 years now and i am recently having a huge problem with stick drift. i have tried to clean the sticks with compressed air and a fine brush but no no Perivale. i have even trued resetting the remotes or ...

Oculus Link not Utilizing GPU fully

I am currently trying to use oculus link with my ASUS Zephyrus G14.It has the RTX 2060.I have completely disabled the integrated graphics, turned the power mode to high-performance, set the armoury crate to windows controlled, and I have told windows...

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Stuck in reboot loop, handsets won’t work

I have an Oculus 2 and all of a sudden it won’t boot and pair with the handsets. It is stuck in a constant reboot loop, and the handsets won’t pair or work. It started with Tracking lost screen and then went into the reboot loop. I have tried a hard ...

OCULUS30 code

I received an email with this code and tried to use for Beat Saber and boggle puzzle but it’s not working. It expires tomorrow so I am not sure why it isn’t working

"finish setup"

EVERY time I turn on the app it says finish setup under the settings. And then it pairs up the headset and then it tells me no guardian found. I am sick of doing this over and over....

trek554 by Level 6
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