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Having Oculus Rift Setup issues? The ultimate guide.

Heya, so after a few years on this forum and helping what must be a hundred people now with their issues I have compiled a few checklists and tips on how to get your Oculus Rift installed and working. This list is by no means exhaustive but might hel...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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The oculus 2 is powered off while charging on my pc and it shows this. I need help. How do I remove this without unplugging! WHAT IS THIS?!

Oculus Rift keeps disconnecting [SOLVED]

hi guys,so i bought my oculus rift on the 22nd of April and it was working fine until the 29th of October everytime i open the service to play a game its all good until like 10-15 mins and it will give me an HDMI not connected errorand when this happ...

someone please help

I am new to this. I bought this for my son. I bought him his first game. ( Onward ) The game appears as downloaded. When he tries to open it, it says "you have 5 seconds for approval"??? No idea what the heck they are talking about. Can anyone help?

Oculus software won't load

I'm having a issue, when i press the oculus desktop icon it starts up and the oculus symbol just sits there blinking and it wont load! It was working before, but the apps and games did not open at all, giving a "entitlement check failded" and "failed...

zegved by Level 2
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Developer mode.

Whenever i try to enable developer mode for my headset on my phone instead of taking me to the usual manage page where I've already logged in, it send me to this. ( add https:// a...

CV1 random black screen

Hi all,Ever since I got my rift 4 weeks ago I have been having random black screens. The LED turns orange and the audio is still on.If I close Oculus home and the app I was using and rerun them, the rift will work again (for another ~10 minutes until...

Oculus manage.

I've been trying to do the developer thing with oculus, it's telling me to add a phone number. When I add the phone number It's supposed to send me a 6 digit code by text. It doesn't send me a text, and it's blocked me for trying too many times.

Email Sales Receipt

Does anyone know how long it takes to get an email receipt when you purchase directly from Oculus?

Connexion impossible

Bonjour, je reviens avec une question que je ne suis pas le premier à me poser.Que faire si "le serveur oculus semble injoignable" ? Effectivement, il m'est tout à fait impossible de télécharger l'application Oculus home. Je me suis renseigné sur int...

Release Channels

Hi everyone,One question regarding the Oculus Go's release channels. I understand that no more official store submissions are accepted as of December 4th. I was wondering if this is the same for uploading new builds on the alpha / beta release channe...

Issues with USB cable

Hey all,I'm having issues regarding using Oculus Link using a 3rd party USB-C to USB-C cable. It shows as a USB 2.0 cable (plugged into my motherboard's type-C port), and I'm stumped on what to do. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling USB drivers...

connr by Level 2
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oculus link wont work

my ocoulus quest 2 wont work with my computer and just gives a black screen and I'm using the official cable. please help

cant install

Was having problems installing games so i read on here to uninstall the oculus app. When i tried reinstalling the oculus app it wont install!! waited to the next day and was able to install the app and get a game on it. then the problem happened agai...

Oculus Quest 2 not linking to PC though rift

My new oculus quest isn't connecting to my oculus software on my pc. It does connect to my pc and recognizes it and is setup in the pc. But once I am using the quest 2 and aenable rift acces it disconnects form the computer and then recconects. I am ...

Cant edit my avatar in my Home room

When I stand infront of the avatar editing mirror I see "Loading Oculus avatar data..." on it and thats it, it keeps "loading" forever. My internet connection is OK, inventory loads and new items appears whyle Im playing games. Any way to fix this? W...

I want to gift someone a game.....

I want to gift someone a game but I do not know their tastes in games. Is it possible to give a general Oculus gift card they can spend on any game they like, or do I have to specify a game?

Help pls

hello, it has been 2 weeks since I took the oculus rift s, when I went to connect it to the same ports as always, I put them on, the oculus application opened but I didn't see anything in my viewer, I looked and done all the things that put me in the...

Gifting emails

Hello all,I want gift a game to my Oculus buddies ... since we're friends in Oculus, I don't have their emails.Isn't there a way to gift a game to your Oculus friends list?

Weird display distortion

Hello everyone !I need your help with my Oculus Quest 2.When i launched it yesterday, i noticed two very weird thing about the display. The oculus logo and the loader (...) was not quite centered. It's subtle but it's a little bit on the left. It's o...

Kynamic by Level 2
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OculusSetup.exe wont launch after downloading

Very Frustrating! I have disabled firewalls, tried VPN on and off, Downloaded to a different Drive. No change. All that happens is my cursor blue circle and then nothing. Opened task manager and it doesn't appear in there either. AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Si...

Installation Getting Stuck Fix

This is my comment from another thread, I decided to make an actual post to hopefully help more people.So the issue I'm talking about is when attempting to install (or reinstall) Oculus Software. When attempting to, and it gets stuck at lets say 5.6 ...

oGhosti by Level 3
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Can a game brick my headset?

Sorry for a stupid question, but I have Quest1 and when I was playing Solaris: Offworld combat my headset froze with a high pitched sound coming from the speakers and I couldn't initially turn it off by holding the power button, only after few tries ...

BlTEY by Level 5
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So I get that facebook disabled streaming for BeatSaber and I was wondering if at somepoint we'll be able to stream again so my friends can watch me. I tried to broadcast through the app and then into discord but when im in the app it disables discor...

Dollta by Level 2
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