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Resolved! Beat saber

I just bought the full version of beatsaber yesterday and won’t open, o tried uninstalling and downloading, but it just says Permission Controller keeps stopping. Help! Thank you!

Referral Credit

So I recieved a notification on my Oculus App (attached image) for referring a friend and getting everything in order, including waiting the 30 days, but when I went to go check my balance on my account, nothing showed up. I'm wondering if anyone cou...


Resolved! Oculus link problems

oculus link is being troublesome AGAIN (it's literally the only problem I have with my headset lol). Ok so this time it has just stopped working completely, like neither the computer nor the quest 2 recognize each other. I go to go record a video on ...

Can't connect the link cable

I'm trying to setup my Quest 1 to my pc but it won't connect using the link cable. I've tried restarting the Quest and rebooting and updating my app but nothing works. Can someone please help me?

Develope improved Guardian

Hi. I am a university student and for my thesis I'm trying to improve onto the guardian system by creating a new one and make use of external depth sensing cameras such as a 3D LiDAR to be able to detect obstacles in real-time and represent a 3D mesh...

How do I submit a complaint?

I've had the worst customer service experience with Oculus's customer service. I've been working on this issue since May 24 and still no resolution! How do I file a complaint against this representative that has not at all been helpful. It's been a v...

Osera by Level 3
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games not showing

so i have downloaded beat saber on my quest 2 on oculus app on phone, but when i downloaded the pc oculus app beat saber wasnt showing, i want to download custom songs, help?

Casting to Chromecast

I just bought quest 2 and new Chromecast and am having trouble casting. Sometimes it works most of the time we’re having to reset everything just to get it to work and seems to happen daily

Dad9283 by Level 2
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Resolved! Link Black Screen Quest 2

Hello, I have 2 problems the program says my graphics card is incompatible (attached in screenshot). It is a 3000 series GPU which should be compatible. I also am getting a black screen with virtual desktop in link mode. I am using an MSI laptop. I t...

RR0605 by Level 3
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Mobile app devices

I disconnected my Rift S and removed it from the oculus software over a week ago but it's still showing under my devices as connected. How long does it take to be removed? Is there a way to manually remove it?

xeno3d by Level 6
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Chromecast issue

I just bought my brand new chrome cast and on my oculus quest 2 it shows up in the casting but then about 3 seconds later and gives a error/ fail message

Quest 2 Inverted Colors

I have had my Quest 2 for about a year now. This problem just started out of nowhere. When the device first boots up, everything looks normal for about one second, but then the colors completely invert and the entire display gets bright white. It is ...

Leaving a game to go to another on my oc2 headset

There has to be another way to stop playing “Moss” and switch over to”Beat Saber” without turning the headset off and restarting it. Also!!!! On the game DESCENT ALPS, I purchased the premium package, so can someone tell me why 5 out of 6 skl-sets hv...

Not able to update oculus quest

I had to stop using my oculus for sometime, now when I use it, it doesn't connect to the store and does not connect to perform updates. The installed games work fine, I can connect to the internet and watch You Tube as an example.It has to be that I ...

Customer service won’t respond

Oculus received our defective oculus quest 2 headset over 1 month ago. The customer service rep., Sabria, said it would take 2-3 days to process it and ship our replacement. I’ve emailed customer service several times to find out why we haven’t recei...

Oculus Quest 2 remote won’t work.

I’ve been using my oculus for a few months, and just recently my right controller has stopped working. I’ve constantly changed the batteries, I’ve tried repairing them, anything I could think of. I’ve tried looking at the warranty part of this sight ...

Resolved! Buttons not working in games

I have problems with my new Oculus Quest 2. The buttons on both controllers work in the menu (and strangely Youtube VR), but they do not work in games (Superhot demo, Beat Saber+Beat Saber demo, Creed Rise to Glory demo, VR Chat tested). Tracking wor...

Zuruumi by Level 2
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My screen on my Rift S is black just loading forever

my Oculus Rift S hasnt been working lately. Ever since i moved in its just been a black screen thats loading. And yes ive tried unplugging it and re plugging it and using oculuses help forms. Please for the love of god someone help me ive been trying...

oculus airlink

Hi every time i try and use airlink it and i pair it it says not connected and doesn't let me launch can someone help me please

oculus service kills webcam

having my rift for 3 days now i finally wanted to make a video with commentary. i bought a cam microsoft live hd3000 last month for that purpose. problem is i cant use it in combination with the oculus. i have to kill the oculus service from the task...

mtojay by Level 2
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My internet is fine but nothing will load on my oculus quest 2. All of my games are gone even the tutorial and other already downloaded stuff. When I go on the oculus app everything is still there, my headset is just really weird. Please help I'm rea...

Rift RK2 Sensor making my Webcam useless

I'm having problem with oculus pc app for couple days, because this webcam. When I install oculus app with connecting webcam seems impossible for some reason, so I unplugged my webcam and installed oculus app successfully. But next day when I trying ...