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oculud white dots blank screen

I put on my headset to see a blank screen with a bunch of white dots i dont know what is happening and i would like to prevent it and know how to solve it faster when it happens

oculus quest with link on pc, mic not working

Hello, so i have the oculus quest connected with a compatible cable to my compatible gaming desktop and everything is working as it should be except for the mic.My oculus quest mic works when my oculus quest is not connected to my desktop, so when i ...

Internet browsing question

When I browse the internet with the quest and try and click a link it either ignores the input or opens a box with options to copy the link, share the link, open the link in a new page, and a few others. Is there any way for the quest to treat an A b...

Oculus Quest Headset

How can I transfer my Quest headset from myself to my son or other person without the game pausing?

RedLula by Level 2
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Using Oculus Mirror Like Steam VR Mirror

With Steam VR you can choose to have the audio come out both Your headset and an HDMI to like a TV for Audience to listen while you are playing. I cant seem to figure out how to do this on the Oculus app, for Oculus exlusives. Could anyone explain ho...

Shiftrr by Level 2
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my left audio isnt working (hardware problem)

i turned on my oculus rift today and i noticed that i wasnt getting any audio out of the laft ear, i tried restarting oculus, restarting my computer, ect. nothing worked, after doing a bit of rigorous testing i have found a few variables that may be ...

Seeking information before purchase (big ask!)

Good morning, I am very interested in purchasing a VR unit from Oculus for gaming. Unfortunately, I am not very tech savvy, and much of the information I am finding online is over my head. Shops like Best Buy, Gamestop and Frys have not been helpful,...

Oculus link just stop working

Alright so basically my oculus link wont connect to my pc. It was working perfectly fine a half hour before it stopped and I've tried connecting it to every single usb 3.0 porton my computer and all the ports on my other computer. Here's the message ...

Unable to make OVRLipSync to work with Photon Voice

Hi,I'm having trouble making Photon Voice and OVRLipSync work together. I saw a couple of forums and seeing a lot of inquiries about this. It's either photon voice or OVRLipSync is overriding the microphone initialization done by the other plugin. I ...

Ghosting issue with Rift S

Hi,I bought Oculus Rift S a week ago and everything was working fine until now. I am having this huge ghosting problem on white surfaces when I turn my head around.It's most noticeable on white text and images. Some game menus are basically unusable ...

Can't load friends or parties

Hi AllI have been having a problem with my rift for a few days. When I am in the headset and go to social it says " We are unable to load friends and parties please try again". I have looked on the forum and it says this issue has been resolved but i...

left headphone missing

so i haven't used vr in a while as my room was too small, but now i've got a bigger room so i wanted to set up vr again. but when i reopened the box the left headphone was missing, am i able to order a replacement from the company or something, or do...

Oculus Software not working

So i had the problem that i could not install the Oculus Software. I fixed it and now I can install it and can use it till it wants to check my sensors.So i install go to configurate and my whole pc crashes with the reason: "memory_management_" or "s...

hanimad by Level 3
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Disable in rift IPD change notification?

Maybe I have a faulty rift I guess, but I keep seeing the IPD notification whenever I move my head a lot, I suspect it's something to do with having a fairly narrow IPD so the slider is almost all the way in and lenses are close together which result...

Oculus App Wont Install

Ok, so I got a new Oculus Rift S for Christmas. Yay! Vr! But, after trying to install the Oculus app, I get an error saying "Restart computer". I've been working on it for a month now. Anybody got any suggestions?or

DankAce by Level 2
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Controller not working on my Oculus Quest

I saved up for nine months ( I'm thirteen) and I was looking forward to it, but after about an hour my left controller started to stop working. I've tried switching the batteries and putting them in and out, but doesn't work, I've also tried restarti...

Oculus App Fail To Install / Riched20.dll Error

Everytime I try to install the Oculus App I get the same error. I've formatted my HDD, it didn't work. Did a fresh install of Windows 10, still didn't work. Both times I had Antivirus and Firewall off. I've had the app before, and it's always given m...

Oculus Quest screen is black

I just now turned on my Oculus Quest, it played the bootup sound and showed the Oculus icon, then it turned black and I'm a little nervous to hold the power button due to my other forum discussion.

oculus setup plz restart pc and then restart oculus set up

ok hi I have issue ware I had oculus home for my qest and I recently picked up a dk2 for my pc but I tried to install some legacy software for it but it cruped my home and it self so I uninstalled it and home but I can't reinstall either of them when...

con9po by Level 2
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Oculus Link Randomly Stopped Working

I have been using oculus link with my quest for a few weeks now but it stopped out of the blue. It has the green tick saying connected and active but a red X saying USB 3 Connection Required. All of my drivers are up to date, I have no clue as to wha...

oculus quest latest update issue for link w/ pc

Hello, so i was trying to set up my oculus quest on the pc with a compatible cable but when i got the second step in the oculus pc app it said i had to update the oculus quest to the latest version, but when i go to see if i can update my oculus ques...

Very fast Akku and Battery dead

Hello, I have a problem with my Left Touch Controler. The Controler says that the Batterie is empty and the Controler goes off, but if i put the batterie the right Controller it goes on without a problem.I do not know what to do, I have Repaired the ...

Nagulz by Level 2
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Oculus Rift CV1 IPD measurement not showing correct value

It doesn't change when i move the lenses, instead it seems to start at 64mm when the headset is freshly plugged in, gradually going to 67mm over a couple of minutes (i have IPD adjustment notifications turned on in home and i can see them pop up with...