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Quest 2 tracking problems

Hello, two days ago my Quest 2 fell from my bed (approximately 2.5 feet) and since then I have tracking problems ( the height of the floor changes in respect to my position and the boundaries are slightly larger respect to how i set them). Do you kno...

Lory997 by Level 2
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where is the settings tab on the oculus app?

I locked myself out with a patter lock and the forgot pattern tip speaks of a settings ta on the app, I could not find this tab and I would rather not factory reset if possible i looked every were for a video or something to show me the prosess, I ha...

Lebjs by Level 2
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Blue Light On Rift S Not Turning On

So about 6 days ago, the blue LED on the front of my headset has stopped turning on. This was followed by the error of "DisplayPort Connection not working" and "No DisplayPort connection". I have tried all slots on my graphics card and all USB slots,...


hello! i want to say is oculus quest 2 working on laptop lenovo? 

Don’t know how to star to play

Hi, I did the initial settings and everything, but then I don’t know how to play it just shows the screen and I press the menu bottom and doesn’t do anything. Can you please help

How to reset FLOOR height?????

How do I reset the floor height??? When I was setting up Oculus Rift S I hit a button to early and now the floor height is 3 feet in the AIR

Oculus link is NOT working at ALL

I've bought a Oculus Quest 2 and a Oculus Link. The Headset is working fine, no problems there, but I can't say the same for the Oculus Link. I've plugged it into my computer and into my VR headset, I've lauched the Oculus PC app, I've tried to link ...

Facebooks account restricted

Hello, I am intrested in buying a headset but not so sure because my account is restricted. Can you guys please help me get it back so I can buy the headset

Quest 2 party chat kicking people at random

When ne and my friend Charisma are trying to play games like demeo and pavlov well be trying to be in party chat however at random every time hes in the party one of or more of us will get kicked like mid convorsation no one is even touching there oc...


after installing the oculus software and deleting it I have lost audio on discord steam and other apps how do I fix this?

Purchase Failed

GraphQL server responded with error 1353049: Sorry, your payment failed. Please update or change your payment method.I keep getting this error whenever I try to buy "Onward" (dunno if it's for all titles) on the store, it worked just fine yesterday.T...

Screenshot 2021-06-29 170324.png

oculus quest 2 stuck on grey screen

I have just today received the oculus quest 2 I ordered from amazon. the setup went fine and it booted up games I belive as it should but after plugging it into my pc to use link cable my quest 2 was stuck on a grey screen. I tried rebooting it a cou...

My Oculus Quest 2 casting doesn't work

My oculus quest 2 won't cast to my laptop or phone or the developer hub and I'm also on the same wifi and my headset. It used to work fine then one day when I did it just stopped working. I have been trying for a long time now can I please have some ...

Error during instalation of oculus app

Hello, I have a problem with installing the oculus app. I had it installed previously but needed to reinstall it and everytime I try to install, it goes through to about the middle of installation and then says that it encountered an error. I removed...

Jokpau by Level 2
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oculus link not connecting

hello i tried to connect my oculus quest to my pc but when i connect it to my pc the quest doesnt give me a allow access to data and air link doesnt work please help!!

Novek by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Guardian tracking lost

Hello, when I turn on my Oculus Quest 2, it says that the tracking is lost right when I first turn it on. It has been doing this for a little while, as in, this just started today. Is my Oculus Quest 2 damaged? I live in a crowded apartment, so that ...

z157 by Level 2
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weird stick drift

my quest 2 left controller has some pretty weird stick drift to my standards, as when I push the stick to the opposite side of the drift instead of going the direction i push it it fights against the stick drift. I'm not sure how this would happen be...

Invalid Postal Code/Zip Code

For some reason trying to buy anything on the market for oculus especially trying to buy a rift s maybe. seems that i cant due to the checkout section is pretty busted when i entered my zip code it says "Please enter a valid zip code" though the zip ...

Not updating

I have up to 800Gb of room in OS C, yet your program says I do not have the 12Gb needed for the update. Can't fix it. I'm trying to play DCS and having everything up to date in kinda crucial when it comes to sims. Any suggestions ? thank you

no available devices horizon workrooms

Horizon Workrooms is only working with laptops. I believe it is because it is not compatible with aftermarket video cards such as Radeon or Nvidia. Can you please comment if you were able to get it to work with one of these type video cards? Thank yo...

an idea over time using the glasses

I like to know the time I use the glasses for the actual session I think would be a good idea show the time using in the same windows that the batteries. Thanks.

iluso by Level 2
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